Caracas Travel Guide 

This Caracas Travel Guide will help you understand more about traveling to Venezuela’s capital city, including the foods you’ll find in Caracas, and where to exchange money while on vacation.

Caracas Plaza Bolivar

Caracas is still visited by a great deal people from all over the world because there are many historical places in Venezuela that holds the true perspective of its beauty. One of the recommended locations to travel to in Caracas is the Plaza Bolivar. This is one of the city’s famous historical infrastructures that was named after Simon Bolivar, the liberator.

Tourists who would like to visit Caracas’ historical and beautiful sites should also consider visiting historical buildings such as Capitolio Nacional, the Catedral Metropolitana, and the Foreign office. 

The Venezuelan Dish and Caracas Restaurants

Before traveling to Caracas, here’s a quick travel guide for tourists to learn about the types of foods and restaurants you’ll find in on vacation Venezuela.

Venezuelan food is known for its good taste. While staying in Caracas or in any other Venezuelan city, it’s a good idea to try out their national dish called Pabellon. Pabellon consists of rice, banana, and black beans covered in shredded and/or stewed meat. You can also try their common snack called Arepas. Arepas are made of corn flour, salt, and water, and go great with many types of Venezuelan food. Arepas are sometimes also fried or baked, and can also be filled with various ingredients such as ham, chicken, jam, or cheese.

When traveling through Caracas, you’ll find many restaurants of restaurants in the city where you can enjoy delicious meals whether it from a local or an international restaurant. People who love steak and barbecue should consider going to Maute Grill or La Estancia. Chocolate is the best place to go for travelers who prefer Spanish cuisine while Mamma Mia is for those who love anything Italian. French cuisine lovers should visit Lasserre while Taz Sport Bar hosts various American dishes. 

Money Exchange in Venezuela

When you travel to Caracas, you’ll probably need to exchange your home countries’ money for Venezuela’s currency called the Bolivar Fuerte or Bolivar. Travelers can opt to exchange their money at commercial banks or any exchange houses, which you’ll be able to find pretty easily once you arrive in the Caracas.  

Caracas Tourist Attractions and Must-See Sights

As you travel through Caracas, you’ll find many tourist attractions to see and experience. A traveler will not be able to travel around the whole city in just one day. Exploring just the capital city of Caracas can easily take a few days, because there are so many tourist spots available, such as el Jardin Botanico de Merida, which has a beautiful display of plants and flowers. Another tourist attraction in Caracas is the huge Parque Del Este, which can be a nice place to take kids since they will surely enjoy the mini zoo while adults can enjoy sitting by the café and watching the different turtles in the pond. Tourists can also visit the well known Universidad Central de Venezuela or watch small concerts in Museo de Arte Colonial that is located in Quinta Anauco.

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