Attractions You Cannot Afford to Miss in Caracas

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”~ Henry Miller

Are you contemplating a visit to some mesmerizing country boasting of beauty that leaves one speechless? Out of the numbers of options you have, what emerges as the safest bet is Venezuela. Offering tourists the best of both worlds, Venezuela is the perfect embodiment of timeless beauty and limitless entertainment.

With the variety of activities and experiences it has to offer and a climate that stays pleasant throughout the year, Venezuela never fails to fascinate the hordes of travelers visiting it every year. From some of the most spectacular structures such as the House of Iron Windows to the most breath-taking mansions such as Treasure House and House of Sun, a traveler can never run out of things to do and places to see in this land of wonders.

The capital, Caracas, has always been highly acclaimed for the way it engages tourists. Given all that this land has to offer, it will only be justified to call the capital the country’s best kept secret. While the list of things to do in the area has no end, some of the most sought-after attractions have been briefly listed below.

    Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum Of Contemporary Art is an attraction any history-enthusiast would regret missing on a trip to the area. The museum features some of the most spectacular art that can be found in the country. From Matisse to Picasso, this museum is home to art from the biggest artists. The impressive décor of the museum only adds to its charm encouraging art lovers into visiting it again and again.

    Central Park

If you are looking for an attraction where you can have fun to your heart’s content and garner enough memories to last a lifetime, Central Park is where you need to head to. With all that it has to offer, it comes as no surprise that Central Park tops every tourist’s list of itinerary. The park is scattered over a massive area and what truly amazes is the huge assortment of museums, art galleries, shops and restaurants one finds within the premises. Since it has many hotels in close proximity, the ease of access has contributed in making it a great place to spend the day at.

    Caracas Cathedral

Constructed in the year 1665, Caracas Cathedral has an ethereal beauty. While the museum, religious artifacts and works of art are reasons enough to draw visitors, what proves to be the sole reason for its invincible popularity is the exceptional architecture. The cathedral takes breath away with a decoration so unique that one is left mesmerized. Most popular in this regard is the altar gilded with gold leaves. Are you stunned? Well, this is just the beginning of all the beauty and elegance the cathedral is reeking of.

    Angel Falls

The list is incomplete without the Angel Falls. With a height higher than the Niagara Falls, it is one-of-a-kind experience for everyone who wants to enjoy Caracas at its best. Towering more than twenty five hundred feet, a trip to Angel Falls is simply breathtaking.

On a final note, give relaxation a chance. Let go of all your worries. It is time you dream, dare and discover.

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