4 More Restaurants in Caracas You ought to Visit!

Caracas is indeed a city full of attractions. With a large number of cultural complexes, parks, museums, libraries and of course restaurants, Caracas has to offer a lot to those interested in discovering its many facets. When it comes to eating out in Caracas, there is much to be discovered. In the twentieth century, a large number of Canarian and Spanish people migrated to Caracas. This led to the mingling of foreign cuisine with that of Caracas’s. Today there are a number of restaurant that serve authentic Mexican, Mediterranean, Japanese, Peruvian, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, Italian, French, American and Arabic cuisine.

If your stay at Caracas is long enough, you must visit the restaurants mentioned below. In the list posted earlier we posted earlier recommends the four best restaurants in Caracas – Lasserre, Lee Hamilton’s Steak House, Chez Wong and Maute Grill. The list continues below.


As the name suggests, the restaurant does have a jungle-like theme. It is located at the foot of the Avila Mountain. If you are found of trying out new and exotic things, this place is a must visit. After having visited the restaurant, you’ll be able to swear that you have visited the Amazon rainforest. With tribal décor, tropical flora and fauna such as macaws and parrots, the experience is coupled with a range of impeccable dishes. You can choose to eat indoors or seated in the terraces that allow you to enjoy the fabulous view below. Tarzilandia offers Venezuelan and European cuisine. Some of the dishes include pabellon criollo, Venezuela’s national dish, pastel de Tortuga and camarones combinados con frutas.


Again as the name suggests, the Damasco (derived from Damascus) prime focus is on Arabic cuisine. If an Arab misses his home in this South American city, Damaso certainly serves as a remedy for home sickness. Coupled with the mouth watering servings are Arabic dance performances on Friday nights. The best thing about Damasco perhaps is that it gives you value for your money along with great customer service.

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia offers the best Italian cuisine in the city. The decorations keep changing and can be quite a source of delight. The current décor is inspired by nature with lots greenery and open spaces. The cuisine is almost entirely Italian. The sight of the pizzas being baked in wood-fired ovens to the end product itself, the sight is simply appetizing. Their range of risotto dishes change on a weekly basis.

Centro de Estudios Gastronómicos (CEGA)

There are some people who love eating, and then there are those who love the very art of cooking and everything related to it. If you fall in the latter category, you can’t skip going to Centro de Estudios Gastronomicos (aka CEGA) when visiting Caracas. It is an institution for the training of future chefs. The students at CEGA indulge in the creation of a wide variety of dishes and the visitors have the privilege of tasting these creations of future chefs. However, only 30 people enjoy the Venezuelan cuisine served at CEGA at lunchtime and that too with prior booking.

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