Things to Consider When Flying to Venezuela

From Where to Buy Tickets

So you have planned a trip to Venezuela and are about to leave for a wonderful respite soon. Good! However, before your plane touches down the Venezuelan land, make sure you know some of the most important traveling facts about this country.

First of all, your decision to fly to the destination is right. The reason is it is the safest and the fastest way to reach there. Secondly, make sure when you go to buy tickets you buy a two-way ticket. A one-way ticket means you will have to shop around Venezuela, which unfortunately is not a good place to buy them.

This is particularly important if you are arriving from Australia or Europe. The prices of tickets to these countries are very high in this country. Almost every agency in large Venezuelan cities such as Caracas sells tickets to different parts of the world.

However, you might end up paying more than you should have for intercontinental routes. In case you arrive there without a two-way ticket, the best idea is to take a flight to Miami and then fly to Europe. It will cost you comparatively less. The good news is that many agencies offer a complete package for this route as well.

How to Get Visa

An avalanche of tourists hit Venezuela from Western Countries. Many of the visitors from these countries do not need a travel visa. Instead, all they need is a tourist card also known as Tarjeta de Turismo DEX-2. This is absolutely free and will be offered to you upon your arrival in the country.

Just fill in your details in the card and the immigration officers will give you a carbon copy of it after they stamp it. Also be ready to pay $17.50 as departure tax at the airport.

Airlines Flying to Venezuela

If you are flying to the federal capital Caracas, you are most likely to land at Aeropuerto Internacional Simón Bolívar. It is just 26 kilometers from downtown and a number of international airlines land there.

Some of the airlines that arrive at this international airport include:

These are just few of many airlines that fly to Venezuela from various countries. If you are traveling from the U.S. make sure you travel to Caracas from Miami. It is the cheapest route and several airlines including Aeropostal, American Airlines and Lan could take you to there. A two-way ticket from Miami costs nearly $400-$600. However, many airlines offer discounted rates as well. For best air fares from the U.S. visit

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