Restaurant Review: Asaos Grill, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Venezuela is a country with a number of travel attractions. Each year herds of tourists head there for their vacation. They indulge in several interesting activities and explore phenomenal sight seeing locations.

Maracaibo is the second largest city of Venezuela and is located in the nonwestern part of the country. The city is home to over 1,495,200 people while the estimated population in its surrounding crossed 2 million in 2010.

Maracaibo is the nickname of ‘La Tierral del Sol Amada’, which means ‘The Beloved Land of the Sun’. The city is named after a local indigenous Indian chief, Mara, who resisted against the Germans’ attack and died while defending his city. It is said that the moment this brave young man fell on the ground, his fellows shouted ‘Mara Fell’, ‘Mara cayo’. From there, originated the name of the city.

A number of airlines can take you to Maracaibo. Aeropostal, Venezolana, Conviasa, Avior and Aserca are just few of many airlines that fly to Maracaibo daily. In fact, American Airlines also schedules several flights to and from Miami. You can also take a bus to reach there that arrives directly from Santa Marta, Columbia.

For movement within the city you can use taxis that are found in Maracaibo in abundance. Also, there is a subway spread in the city which is way better and safer than other modes of transportation available.

The best places to visit in Maracaibo, its top restaurants and top hotels are already discussed in some of the articles that can be read in their respective categories. Refer to those, if you are going there for the first time. Also, you might find the following restaurant review helpful.

Asaos Grill

Asaos Grill is one of the most popular restaurants in Maracaibo. The prime focus of the restaurant is barbecue items, which is also its specialty. The restaurant allows its customers to view some of the most serene views of the town, while they enjoy their scrumptious meaty food.

To ensure the freshness and quality of food, only fresh and finely cut meat is used in cooking. This allows the pieces to absorb spices properly and make them super juicy. Thus, one can feel the aroma of individual ingredients used in the recipes in every bite.

Another interesting thing about the resultant is its pleasant presentation. A lot of emphasis is put on the decoration of the dishes that equally emulates its flavorsome taste.

One thing that might upset customers who visit this restaurant is its exorbitant prices. The food offered here is comparatively expensive than other local restaurants in its proximity. However, the high-quality food and superb customer service completely justifies the upscale rates.

Asaos Grill has something appetizing for almost every customer who visits. While Chef Antonio Seño takes care of food lovers and grants their wishes, the huge bar is crowded with wine lovers.

The restaurant’s menu also features a long list of mouth-watering steaks.

Everything, including the selection of dishes and comfortable environment, makes this restaurant a must visit. So if you want to have some delicious barbecue, Asaos Grill is a nice choice.

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