3 Top Hotels in Maracaibo

Being the second largest city of Venezuela, Maracaibo is visited by thousands of tourists each year. If you too are planning to visit, Maracaibo, the cultural hub of the Venezuelan state of Zulia, you must surely be looking forward to visit the many attractions in the city such as Lake Maracaibo, La Vereda del Lago Maracaibo and Teatro Baralt. To make sure that your visit to this beautiful is comfortable and memorable, it is imperative that you select a hotel that serves you well during your visit.

We recommend three hotels that provide good value for your money. Their details are mentioned below.

Hotel Kristoff

There are different kinds of rooms available and different rates. The newer and renovated rooms cost higher but are worth going for because of the ambiance and added facilities. They include all the things one can ask for – flat screen TV, mini fridge, a luxurious bed, a private bath, etc. Anything that you ask the staff for is immediately provided such as complimentary bottles of water, toilet paper, etc. Since Maracaibo cannot be labeled as a perfectly secure city, the hotel is heavily guarded by armed security officials.

The location allows you to visit different cafes and restaurants in the area. The facilities in the hotel such as the pool and gym are complimentary. Furthermore, if you are visiting the city for a business trip, the hotel is highly recommended because of the meeting rooms and other facilities that it provides to make your business event a success.

Hotel Venetur Maracaibo

The hotel offers a number of facilities to its guests including

tworestaurants, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. The staff very meticulously and painstakingly serves its guests and keeps the rooms clean and the rest of the facilities well maintained and in order. Apart from the friendly room service, there are other things that Hotel Venetur Maracaibo delights you with such as the grand pool, well equipped gym, walkways overlooking great views. Beside the hotel is Lago Mall. It is a great place to shop as well as to hang out. With five floors, a cinema, food court and various outlets, you can rely on it to entertain you when you can’t wander very far from the hotel.

You can visit Hotel Venetur Maracaibo’s official website here.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Maruma Hotel & Casino

If there is any hotel in Maracaibo that can treat you as royalty, it is Crowne Plaza Maruma Casino & Convention Center. With royally decorated rooms, 10 ball rooms, large event spaces, meeting halls, highly equipped business center and many other cutting edge facilities, Crowne Plaza Maruma Casino & Convention Center always has been the first choice of business people. If you are a frequent visitor to Maracaibo, regularly visiting this hotel will earn you points and make you part of a Priority Club. This will let you benefit from discounts.

To know more about, visit Crowne Plaza Hotel Maruma Hotel & Casino’s official website here.

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