Hotels In Maracay- Experience Extravagance Like Never Before!

Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.

~ Tennessee Williams

Maracay is one of those Venezuelan cities that need no introductions. Not only is it one of the most important cities in the country, Maracay is capital to the state of Aragua. The city is nothing short of a spectacle with a beauty so overpowering that it leaves one speechless. The city boasts of a wide array of attractions that have served as major crowd-pullers all these years.

Despite its close military ties, Maracay has retained its divine charm inspiring the notion of ‘beauty personified’ for it. The city has the most diverse landscape deemed imaginable that has fairly earned the city a reputation others cannot even dream of. Apart from the welcoming swathe of attractions that lands travelers in a certain area, there is always the desire for accommodations offering creature comforts that take one’s vacationing experience to new heights.

All one needs after a day spent sight-seeing is relaxation to ensure the proverbial ‘beauty sleep’ that revitalizes an individual for the adventure and excitement that lies ahead. A traveler’s excitement is often eclipsed by horrible lodgings he has to settle for in a foreign country. As far as Maracay is concerned, the scenario takes a dramatic shift.

Opulent accommodations in Maracay are one of the reasons behind the city’s unprecedented popularity. Attention-grabbing and catering to a variety of needs, luxuries befitting royalties at Maracay hotels have made the city one of the most recommended destinations on earth. While every single hotel or posada is ideal for your stay, a handful of those that never fail to amuse guests are briefly described below.

Pipo International Hotel

Seeking a home away from home? Pipo International Hotel is the name. Set against an exceptional backdrop of mountains, the views from the hotel are so scenic that they can easily be mistaken for a scene straight out of some fairy tale. Despite the fact that the building is not very new, it is well maintained and engulfed in an aura of elegance. The hotel inspires awe with facilities like Wi-Fi, stunning pools, spacious rooms and the delectable meals encourage tourists to come back for a stay again and again.

Eurobuilding Express Maracay

There are only a few hotels in the world that can boast of achieving the perfect balance between chic décor and one-of-a-kind services and Eurobuilding Express Maracay is one of them. With its 85 impressive rooms, the hotel emerges as the safest bet for those seeking a relaxing respite. Among the notable amenities are the fitness centers and the sinfully irresistible meals guests enjoy here.

Posada Restaurant Sirenamar

If you are seeking more than just accommodations, Posada Restaurant Sirenamar can breathe life into your idea of a truly rewarding vacation. It is a family friendly posada that offers to accommodate not just your family but pet as well. Opulence takes a new shape with amenities like free parking, swimming pool and in-house restaurant. For those with any problems of limited mobility, wheelchair access guarantees an exceptional holiday for the entire family.

On a final note, to have a vacation you can talk about for years to come, hotels in Maracay are all you can ask for.

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