Top 3 Posadas in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela

Sight seeing tours are always interesting. After you have planned a visit to Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela it is high time to get going. While beautiful tourist attractions help you decide the country you want to visit, a booking in a nice hotel makes this plan feasible.

Ciudad Bolivar is the capital of Bolivar state, one of the 23 states in Venezuela. It is home to over 338,000 people who are mostly engaged in animal husbandry and agricultural activities.

The city has a historical zone, which is the major attraction for tourists coming to this city. In addition, it also has a historical museum Jesus Soto Museum of Modern Art, which depicts a wide collection of artwork by international and local artists. Ciudad Bolivar also boasts being the birthplace of many popular musicians including Ivan Perez Rossi, Antonio Lauro and Cheo Hurtado.

Now let us take a look at some hotels in the city where you could stay when you are tired after a tiring sight seeing tour.

1. Laja Real Hotel

Located at a prime location near the airport, Laja Real Hotel was established in 1986. Since its establishment the hotel has been improving its service standards. As a result, it was included in the list of four-star hotels in 1989 by the Venezuelan Tourism Corporation.

The hotel has nearly 65 rooms that are a typical example of a modern and a top notch meeting point for leisure activities. It has different facilities such as a minibar, a restaurant, a pool, a fitness centre, 6 reserved rooms for parties and meetings and a memorabilia store to buy from. Secure parking is another plus to this hotel, if you rent a car to explore the city on your own. For more information, visit

2. Hotel La Cumbre

Hotel La Cumbre is located atop one of the three highest points in Ciudad Bolivar. The hotel allows its guests to relax in an open airier environment under the sky where gentle breeze further cheers their mood up.

Built in a modern style with stone, wood, marble and terracotta, the hotel has plants placed along the walkways that create a soothing environment. Apart from this the panoramic view from its terraces is just breath-taking.

In addition to comfortable living, the inn has some other facilities that include a bar, a restaurant, a pool, a meeting place and a sushi bar. Staying in this hotel could you cost you up to $128.04 per night. For more information visit

3. Posada Angostura

Located in the premises of the historical colonial town, La Posada Angostura is built in the colonial style. It has 7 suits that are equipped with all essential amenities such as air conditioning, hot water, private bathroom, ceiling fans, cable TV, free parking near to your inn and seating areas that are based on Spanish theme.

A day in Posada Angostura starts with continental breakfast and some fresh fruits. Then for dinner and lunch, there is a wide menu to choose from. The menu primarily comprises of traditional dishes.

Also, if you want any information regarding the tourist attractions in the town, you can contact their tour desk to get assistance in this regard. For a double room in Posada Angostura, the hotel charges nearly $73.56.

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