3 Low-Cost Hotels in Caracas

Different tourists have different expectations from the hotel they choose to stay in during a visit. Some tourists prefer spending considerable time in their hotels and enjoying its different services and facilities. Others like to spend most of their times at the different locations of the cities and come back to their hotel rooms only to sleep and then leave early the next day. The latter sort often seeks low cost hotels because of the negligible importance of the hotel to the tourists’ stay.

If you plan to visit Caracas and wish to stay in hotels that provide good value for money, you will be delighted to read about the three hotels mentioned below. They are the best low-cost hotels in Caracas and will pleasantly surprise you.

Shelter Suites

This is the best option for those looking for low-cost lodging options. It is located around 200 m from the Chacao subway station facing one of the biggest shopping malls in South America, Sambil Mall. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the bathrooms large and well equipped. The building has recently been renovated. The customer service is helpful, friendly and prompt. The water never runs out, as it does in other low-cost hotels/ inns Caracas. In case you would like to have a quieter room, ask for one that does not face Sambil Mall.

Unlike other parts of the city, the area around Shelter Suites is safe and you can walk to Sambil Mall after sunset. Click here to locate Shelter Suites on Google Maps. To visit the hotel’s official website, click here.

Hotel Avila

Hotel Avila’s location makes it a peaceful resort far away from Caracas hustle and bustle. It is close to the Teleferico and the Museo de Arte Colonial. It is far away from the center of the city. If you don’t plan to travel frequently from the hotel to different locations in the city, then Hotel Avila is a good option. Otherwise, you might end up spending more in transportation than you would save by choosing this low cost option.

would save by choosing this low cost option.

The infrastructure of the hotel is good enough with beautiful rooms. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden. In case your room is not air conditioned and you feel hot during summers, try opening the door and window. The air ventilation will make it better. Some of the rooms overlook a beautiful skyline.  Breakfast and dinner buffets are included in your package and have a wide variety of items.

Click here to locate Hotel Avila on Google Maps. And you can visit the hotel’s website here.

Hotel Beethoven

Hotel Beethoven is a three star hotel so one cannot expect oriental decorations and use facilities available in five star hotels. However, the value you get for your money is very satisfactory. Surrounding the hotel are several places that you can get low cost food from such as McDonalds, Subway and local cafes. The hotel has its own restaurant too where items is very reasonably priced. As compared to the price, the location is considerably good. Also, the customer service helps you with whatever you need guidance with.

Click here to locate Hotel Beethoven on Google Maps.

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