Los Roques Travel Guide 

In this quick travel guide, you’ll learn about the pristine Los Roques National Park – the largest marine park in the entire Caribbean – situated 150 kilometers north of Caracas and consists of approximately 50 islands, with Gran Roque the main island, where locals live, work and go to school.

Los Roques Travel Guide

The Los Roques archipelago is considered to be one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the Caribbean. These islands offer sandy beaches, and an opportunity to go scuba diving and snorkeling. There are loads that can be done in the pristine oceans surrounding the islands, including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and kite-surfing.

The Los Roques Archipelago was declared as a National Park in 1972. It is made up of breath taking 350 islands and atolls of white sand beaches, year-round pleasant temperature, a peaceful sea and transparent waters that are very rich in tonalities. Since its various coral reefs and numerous cays are protected, El Parque Nacional Archipelago Los Roques is the best when it comes to scuba diving. There are even several scuba diving services being offered together with certified scuba diving instructors that you can choose from. The constant trade winds as well as the relatively shallow waters offered by a lot of cays make the condition unrivaled for most windsurfing enthusiasts.

How to Travel to Gran Roque Island

Traveling to Los Roques’ Gran Roque island is easy. Flights to Gran Roque island depart from Caracas-Maqueteia International Airport daily. The 40 minute flight to Gran Roque can be taken by tourists on a daily basis. The Airline El Sol de America or Transaven also flys out of the National Airport located in Maiquetia. At last check, every tourist is allowed a maximum allowance weight of 10kg for a Caracas-Los Roques trip, although you’ll want to check with your travel agent or contact the airline to get the latest baggage allowances to make sure you’re prepared for your flight. Airline Flights from or to Margarita is costs about $120 per person for a one way ticket, but you can find deals and specials at different times of the year.

What’s the Weather like on Los Roques?

The climate in Los Roques is dry, warm and breezy all throughout the year. The Air temperature fluctuates from the 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit (26º to 32 Celsius), which is a welcomed relief to people visiting from colder areas of the world. The water temperature off the coast of Los Roques stays about 76º Fahrenheit (about 24º Celsius) year round, which combined with the trade-winds that provide a nice breeze provide an ideal setting for travelers to enjoy a relaxing day of Bonefishing, deep sea fishing, kit surfing, or just relaxing on the sand as you admire this island paradise.

Where to stay on Los Roques’ Gran Roque Island

There are many great posadas (hotels) in Los Roques, on the main island of Gran Roque, where you can relax, dine and unwind after a fun day bonefishing, deep sea fishing or shopping.

The Posada Doña Magalis posada in Los Roques still maintains the concept that embodies a local fishermen type of accommodation which is simple and basic. This is located right in front of the famous Plaza Bolivar.

Posada Movida – This place will enchant you with the warm hospitality, the amazing food offered by the staff, the Latin buzz and the quality of service offered by the staff. Everything in this place truly has its own unique character.

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