Attractions in Valencia – Savor the Fun in the Sun

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” ~ Danny Kaye

Valencia, the capital of Carabobo is Venezuela’s third largest city. Emerging as an epitome of endless scenic sights and overwhelmingly vivacious vistas, it is at Valencia that one experiences the true Venezuelan spirit. Valencia has always ranked as the most sought-after holiday destination in Venezuela as it seems to achieve the perfect balance between natural wonders and exceptional man-made structures.

From the heavenly beauty of the Lake Valencia all the way to the art centers like Teatro Municipal De Valencia and Ateneo De Valencia, from the most talked-about museums like Casa Paex and Casa De Los Celis to historical sites like Museum Of History And Anthropology, this city is unlike anything you will ever experience.

The spectacular city has mountains that are just perfect for hiking. Other that that, camping in this area is one of the most favored activities in the area. This way, Valencia ensures an unforgettable experience for outdoor enthusiasts as it has all it takes to make your vacations your most cherished memory. Anyone can travel to Valencia and indulge into things that will turn all his vacation-related dreams into reality.

The city brings together all the essential ingredients in just the right proportion to prepare the perfect recipe of fun. A trip to Valencia is going to be nothing but exemplary because of the city’s popularity as one of the hottest and the most exotic travel destinations. Sites that you just cannot afford to miss on a trip to Valencia are as follows.

Acuario – Fishes and Turtles

If you have any interest in sea creatures, Acuario is all you can ask for. Housing the biggest collection of fishes and turtles, here you will come across the rarest of species. Typical fish types such as cichlids, guppies and tetras add up to the site’s beauty making it seem like a miniature animal kingdom. The turtles found here are exceptional in the way that you will not come across the types found here anywhere else.


Do you have a special liking for freshwater dolphins? If you answer is affirmative, you are bound to be stunned by what you will experience here. Acuario Toninas is one of those two exclusive sites in the water where freshwater dolphins inhabit. While most of the friendly creatures found here are born in captivity, the exemplary display of tricks has earned the site an unsurpassed popularity.

Parque De Esculturas

Being one of the nicest parks you will find in Valencia, Parque De Esculturas is the most viable option for a day well-spent. The park is situated in the north of Valencia and is dotted with mesmerizing sculptures and enough greenery to please your eyes. The sculptures featured in the park are unique in their own sense. While some of them inspire the notion of whimsical endeavors of artistry, the others are absolutely abstract. What further makes it a popular choice among tourists is that the area in the park’s surrounding is actually the hub of nightlife and is loved for the myriad of restaurants and clubs one finds here.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags today as unlimited fun is just around the corner.

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