Hotels in Barquisimeto – All You Need To Land in the Lap of Luxury

Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life” ~ Michael Palin

Barquisimeto is the fourth most densely populated city in Venezuela. Once a simple town, today Barquisimeto it is a modern city manifesting its presence by being the hub of industries, agriculture and communications. The city is a visual treat exhibiting archetypal architecture of the legendry architect, John Bergcamp.

Barquisimeto also features some of the most remarkable museums you will come across in Venezuela. With endless attractions embellishing its grounds, it comes as no surprise that Barquisimeto is a preference for travelers coming to this area. The city inspires an otherworldly beauty which justifies just one notion for it, ‘splendor personified’.

Barquisimeto reeks of a charm and has exquisiteness about it making it a sight to behold. Since the city attracts scores of holiday-makers, it has several hotels and Posadas to accommodate the tourist traffic. In fact, it is the hotels in the area that gives Barquisimeto an edge over others. Unlike other travel destinations, here a tourist won’t have to settle for shabby rooms and substandard service.

Those coming to Barquisimeto enjoy amenities befitting royalties and a handful of hotels that will encourage you into staying in Barquisimeto longer than planned are briefly listed below.

Lidotel Hotel

If you are seeking an oasis in Barquisimeto, Lidotel Hotel is going to meet and excel all your expectations. Being one of the best hotels in the area, it has a long list of raving reviews. Featuring a total of 164 rooms, guests are offered facilities like high speed internet, free parking, free breakfast, impeccable room service with a glamorous pool being the highlight. For the fitness fanatics, the hotel even has a fitness center and while the prices are steep, it is worth every single penny you will be spending here.

Hotel Jirahara

There are very few hotels in Barquisimeto that can surpass what Hotel Jirahara has to offer. The hotel is engulfed in an air of elegance that has earned it a reputation that is not going to wane anytime soon. Those who choose to stay here enjoy natural greenery, cool breezes and a sense of freedom. This way the hotel effortlessly blends comfort and luxury with modernism. The hotel has 137 rooms with attached and well-equipped bathrooms. In short, the hotel offers its guests all the comforts one can only expect at home.

Trinitarias Suites

Are you seeking a hotel where luxury meets sophistication? It is time you head to Trinitarias suites. The hotel enjoys a trendy location and is one of the most recommended hotels in town. The hotel is connected to a shopping mall and also provides access to several eateries featured there. The hotel has a total of 144 rooms, while the facilities that guests can take advantage of during their stay are room service, swimming pool, high speed internet access, restaurant and the list goes on.

All in all, it is time to enjoy Venezuela luxuriously.

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