3 Best Italian Restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela

Italian cuisine is one of the richest in the world. It has a lot of variety and the dishes are just perfect for every occasion. They could be consumed in lunch, dinner or as late-night snacks or anytime in between meals.

There are many things that differentiate Italian food from rest of the indigenous dishes. Some of them are summarized below:

Italian food is a favorite food worldwide due to their divine taste and easy recipes. A large number of Italian restaurants could even be found in Caracas, the Venezuelan federal capital. So if you are about to visit this city and are worried about finding the best Italian restaurant there, this list is for you.

1.     II Grillo Express

The best Italian pizza is made of crispy and super thin dough topped with delicious pepperoni and tomatoes.

To find such a mouth-watering pizza would not be difficult in one’s hometown because we already know where to find it. However, at a new place finding it might require a lot of research. But do not worry; if you are in Caracas, II Grillo Express is the right place to satiate the desire of yummy pizza.

Pasta is just another dish without which the Italian menu is not completed. This restaurant offers pasta made with high quality ingredients that is pleasing in presentation. Many dishes are presented with grated Parmesan, which further enhances their taste. In addition, beef-lovers could also order a fillet of beef, which is also very delicious.

2.     La Romanissima

This place conjures in mind the restaurants in Rome. To help you decide the menu, we would recommend starting with brochettes as starters. Then for main course you can order gnocchi alla Bolognese and fresh pasta, which is served with three tempting sauces. When you order pasta at La Romanissima one thing is for sure, you are certain that the pasta would be fresh that the restaurant prepares its own pasta.

Also order some Santa Carolina Chilean red wine with the meal and satisfy your sweet tooth with a rich cheese cake or a panna cotta.

3.     Aprile

Though this restaurant is a bit highly-priced compared to others offering the same cuisine, its sedate atmosphere and great food is truly worth this expensiveness. With sophisticated and elegant décor, Aprile’s service is good and fast as well.

The must-try dishes in Aprile are Salmon Martini and Ensalada Tibia de Berenjenas as starters and Ravioli di Ricotta and Carpaccio as main courses. Another specialty of this restaurant is linguini made in cream sauce with prosciutto and truffle oil.

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