Top 3 Seafood Restaurants in Venezuela

If you are a big fan of seafood, Venezuela is the right country to visit. The reason is there are a number of recipes that use fish and shellfish in them. In every corner of the country, you will find shops where seafood is sold and restaurants where cooked fish and other aquatic animals such as crabs are offered.

With best sight seeing locations, delicious food is a plus for Venezuela that doubles the joy of tourism. So make a list of Venezuelan restaurants that offer great seafood so that you do not end up wasting you time and money on food that is not even worth it.

We know it might take a lot of your time to prepare this list. This is why we have made a list of some restaurants you ought to visit while in the country. Just remember their names and the best dishes they offer to have a good time in Venezuela.

1.     El Barquero

Caracas, Venezuela

El Barquero is a good place to hang out with friends and family members. The good thing about this place is that it is divided into two sections; a quite area to enjoy your meal in a tranquil environment and a place where nice background music ensures best time spent.

De Langostinos (prawns cocktail), pimentones rellenos de Salmon (Salmon with bell peppers), Paella Marinera and Paella Valencia are the restaurant’s specialty.

In addition to this, if you find it difficult to select a dish, just ask for a waiter’s advice. They are well aware of the ingredients used in a recipe and tell you if you would like a dish’s taste after asking your preferences. Then there is a wide range of deserts you can choose from such as Milhojas and chocolate cakes.

At El Barquero great emphasis is put on the temperature and the timings of the food. With excellent service and good seafood in town, the high prices of the restaurant are justified.

2.     La Cita

Caracas, Venezuela

Run by Spanish owners, La Cita’s primary focus is seafood. Almost every dish offered in this restaurant has some fish or prawns in them. The restaurant’s famous dish is Paella, which is quite scrumptious. The ambiance is lovely and parking is also available for visitors.

A good idea to enjoy food in La Cita is to order small quantity of dishes as every item on its menus is delicious and is worth tasting.

3.     Katamaran

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Katamaran is famous for cuba libres preparados, La cazuela de mariscos en leche de coco and coquillas en platano. The most interesting thing about this restaurant is that instead of butter, they serve fish spread with food.

Also, this is a good restaurant to visit if you avoid greasy and fried food as the food offered is prepared in less oil and has the same great taste. Best of all, it is healthy and tasty at the same time.

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