Restaurants in Barcelona, Venezuela

Barcelona is a historic city and was founded in the seventeenth century. Today it is one of the most prominent cities of Venezuela. It is situated in the Venezuelan state Anzoategui and is home to approximately a million people. Just like other cities of Venezuela, Barcelona too, is visited by lots of tourists each year. Some of the avenues in Barcelona that tourists frequently visit include Plaza de La Raza, Royal Bridge of the Spaniards, Antigua Aduana, Ruins of San Felipe Neri, The Shrine of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Bolívar Bridge, Naricual Hot Springs, Plaza Miranda, Theater Cajigal and Chimana holiday resorts.

Another attraction for tourists in Barcelona is the food. There are many restaurants around the city to cater to the locals as well as tourists. If you are planning to visit Barcelona, you must visit at least three restaurants in the city. For your ease, we have picked the three best eateries in the city. Do visit them.

Don Bratwurst

If there is one restaurant that the locals in Barcelona always count on, it is Don Bratwurst. The theme of the restaurant is German. The cuisine too is largely German. The ambiance of the restaurant is festive and anyone who visits it is immediately experiences a drastic change in their mood.

Menu –The menu of Don Bratwurst is extensive and the items have been named after the characters that the restaurant has been themed around. Some of the types of sausages served by Don Bratwurst include Frankfurt, Bratwurst, Krakauer, Thuringian, Baden-Baden and grilled. Breakfast items include cheese, bacon, onions, egg, pepper, sauerkraut, mushrooms, roasted onions and bread. Some of the dishes served as main course are meatballs, curry meatballs, currywurst, meat loaf, Don burger, hamburger, Don Bratwurst plate, potatoes, Don Fritz’s fries, Don’s Fritz Düsseldorf, Stuttgart’s Don Fritz and Sanwald Don Wheat.

Events – In addition to the great food and customer service, music performances are also enjoyed by the guests. On special days of the week, sports games are also screened.

Timings –The timings of the restaurant are as follows:

Address – The address of the restaurant is Passeig Fabra i Puig 374, Barcelona 08031, Venezuela. Also, you can visit the restaurant’s official website here.

La Orquídea

Another favorite restaurant of the locals and tourists is La Orquidea. La Orquidea is Spanish for The Orchid. The cuisine served by this restaurant revolves around Venezuelan and Mexican themes. Some dishes are a fusion of the two genres. Some of the dishes served at La Orquidea are quesadillas, fajitas, burritos, Venezuelan pasties, pabellon, arepa and cachapa. In addition to scrumptious food, cocktails too are served at the both before and after dinner.

The price range per head is under 20 Euros.

Please note that the restaurant is shut on Mondays and at lunch time on Tuesdays. Working hours are from 1 pm to 4.30 pm and 8 pm to 11.30 pm.

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