3 More Places to Visit in Maracaibo, Venezuela

Located on the shores of Maracaibo Lake, it is the second largest city in Venezuela. This city is famous for its historical museums and fine galleries. Among many attractions the Plaza de le Virgen de Chiquinquira y todos los Santos, the Theater of Fine Arts and Lia Bermudez Art Center are a few worth visiting places.

Then there are shopping centers and shops from which you can buy traditional items especially made by the Guajira Tribe. Galerias Mall, Centro Sambil, Centro Logo Mall and Doral Center Mall are some of the busiest shopping centers in the town. On your visit to Maracaibo, make sure you visit them to buy memorabilia.

The city also offers an amazing night life. There are some cafes and nightclubs on the main streets of Maracaibo that garner a lot of tourists’ attraction. In addition, there are some historical colonial style buildings that also attract tourists.

In all, there are a number of must-see places around the city. Some of them we have discussed already that can be found on this website. Since Maracaibo is a beautiful city, we felt a need to mention some other places so that you make most out of your trip. Read on to know what other places you should visit in addition to the previous ones.

1.Aquaventura Park

This park is worth visiting, if you are traveling to Maracaibo with your children. There are several exciting rides, pools and other interesting activities you can enjoy there. The staff of the park is well-trained and friendly. Though you are not allowed to bring drinks and food, they are available at reasonable prices from the shops inside the park. For more information about this amazing park, you could visit their website http://aquaventurapark.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2&Itemid=2

2.Castillo de San Carlos de le Barra

This is a historical castle built in the seventeenth century to protect the residents of Maracaibo from pirate attacks. It was the time when the city was attacked by pirates more often. Later, this castle was used for different purposes in different eras. In the nineteenth century, the Venezuelan army used it for military purposes. Then during Juan Vicenre Gomez’s dictatorship, it served as a prisoner for political antagonists. The government declared the Castillo de San Carlos de le Barra a National Historic Landmark in 1965.

3.Plaza del Rosario de Nuestra Senora de Chiquinquira

This is a beautiful plaza with several wonderful sculptures. It is located near the Santa Barbara Church and has beautiful fountains around it. The plaza is a home to the Virgin of Chiquinquira’s monument which is 18 meters tall. Then there are some nymphs with wings around the monument that are paying a tribute to the Virgin.

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