Top 3 Places to Visit in Barcelona, Venezuela

Located in the Anzoátegui state, Barcelona is one of the most urbanized cities in Venezuela. It is also the capital of its state. Since its establishment in 1671, the city has completely transformed.

Barcelona was renovated several times to adapt the modern architectural designs to its historical buildings. The traces of this mish-mash are still apparent in some of its landmarks. It is famous mainly because of its historical plazas such as Miranda, Bolivar and Boyacá.

The temperature here ranges between 20 degrees centigrade to 32 degrees centigrade. This temperateness makes it an ideal location for sight seeing in every season.

Barcelona is a city with a wide list of tourist attractions. This might put you at a loss because it is difficult to decide what to see while there. For your convenience, we have shortlisted some of the most dazzling places there that you must go to on your trip.

1.     Centro Commercial Plaza Mayor

This shopping plaza holds a lion’s share in attracting herds of shoppers to Barcelona. Built in the classic Dutch colonial style, this is the most visited shopping complex in eastern Venezuela.

President Rafael Antonio Caldera inaugurated this center in 1995 whose design is inspired by Spanish and Italian architecture. On the other hand, the enticing walkways and gardens conjure in mind the image of the well-managed Italian city, Venice.

This colorful market is also the central commercial area of the city where you can find almost everything. It has different food kiosks, outdoor restaurants and several shops where different sorts of items are sold. And if you are tired of wandering around in these unique shops, you can always board on your boat. A safe passage from the market will take you to your boat.

Centro Commercial Plaza Mayor also offers a number of recreational activities for tourists to indulge in. In addition, movies, parks, food shows and bars alongside the street ensure a pleasant time. Also, it is a good place to hang out with your friends and family.

2.     Naricual Hot Springs

Located just a few kilometers from the Barcelona-San Mateo Road, Naricual Hot Springs is a magnificent tourist attraction. Situated in the proximity of the Bolivar municipality, this place is visited by hundreds of tourists each year.

The spring waters contain a high amount of soda and iron, which often block the flow of water and its deposits make the water look whitish. Watching the water fall from a height of 15 meters is a truly breath-taking sight. The temperature of this water can go as high as 50 degrees centigrade. So make sure you do not go into this water while it is hot as it might damage your skin.

3.     Theatre Cajigal

This building is an example of the state-of-the-art Venezuelan architecture from the 19th century. The building’s design is inspired by neoclassical style and has the capacity to hold 300 people.

This charming theater is still functional and is used to arrange several concerts and plays. One of the famous landmarks to reach Theater Cajigal is Plaza Rolando, Barcelona.

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