Posada Casa Sol – Merida

As compared to Caracas, Maracaibo and Valencia, Merida is relatively a very small city. However, it is very popular with tourists because of the wide range of attractions it has. It is located on the south of Lake Maracaibo at the base of Andes Mountains. The moderate temperature makes tourists feel comfortable whether they originally come from a cold or warm country. The area of the city is around 11,300 square kilometers and is home to over 840,000 people.

There is much for tourists to explore and engage in, in Merida. That is why tourists stay outdoors most of the time. The only time they feel the need of lodging is at night, when they are tired of the whole day’s activities and need to recharge themselves with sleep. This is when the Posadas (Spanish for inns) in Venezuela come for help. There are numerous reasons why tourists opt to stay in Posadas instead of conventional hotels such low cost, interaction with other tourists, interaction with Venezuelan locals and being surrounded by Venezuelan art and architecture.

There are several Posadas at different locations in Merida. The one we have found to be the most engaging and hospitable is Posada Casa Sol.

Posada Casa Sol is Spanish for Sun House Inn. Even miles away from home, it makes one feel at home – and that too, a heavenly one. There are lots of reasons why Posada Casa Sol should be at the top of your priority list when considering different Posadas.

The Location

It is located in the central district of Merida, at Calle Del Sol (Spanish for Sun Creek). Plaza Bolivar is a few blocks away from Posada Casa Sol.

It is technically a house. The architecture primarily is of colonial style. However, contemporary elements also have been thrown in to make the guests feel at home.

The Art Gallery

The Posada has its own art gallery. Venezuelan artists such as Ovidio Marquinez, Lutz Podoolski and Alberto Nunez have showcased their talents not only in the art gallery but also in other parts of the Posada such as the garden’s ‘tapias’ (Spanish for wall). Different artists focused on different parts of the Posada such as interior décor, gallery and garden.

The Terrace and the Garden

The Posada’s terrace is spectacular and the view from it of the mountains of Sierra Nevada National Park is even more spectacular. Canned and cushioned sofas with coffee tables align the terrace where guests like to relax while enjoying the beautiful view.

Right under the terrace is the beautiful garden full of local plantation. Chairs and tables await guests in the garden to enjoy their cups of tea and coffee along with Venezuelan snacks.

The Home Away from Home…

Posada Casa Sol has all the comforts that are available at home. From hot tap water to wireless internet – all that is required to make your trip to Merida comfortable is provided by the Posada. Each room is unique in its decoration and is furnished in a way that ensures your comfort. Nine of the rooms have terraces. But the hospitality of the hosts is the real reason why guests feel so pampered. Find out more about Posada Casa Sol by visiting its official website here.

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