Caracas Restaurants – Taste to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish proverb

If the chronic monotony of life has started tiring you down and a relaxing respite is what you need, South America is where you need to head to. As you conjure up images of all those places reeking of an other-worldly beauty in the South American continent, you can narrow down your search to the land of wonders, Venezuela. Being one of the countries naturally blessed with a breathtaking charm, a trip to Venezuela is every traveler’s delight.

While the beauty has always been a trigger in attracting an endless stream of travelers, it is the exotic taste that never fails to strike a chord with tourists. The food alone has earned the capital city a reputation that others can only dream of. As a jewel resplendent in all its majesty, the cosmopolitan city is dotted with restaurants with taste so promising that tourists are urged to visit the area time and again.

Good food is one of the primary concerns for every holiday-maker and those coming to Caracas are no exception. With restaurants like Estancia, Mamma Mia, Lee Hamilton and so on, Caracas takes your vacationing experience to new heights by spicing it up with a taste to die for. To find out all about the best restaurants in the area that you will never want to forget, read on.


Being one of the finest restaurants in Caracas, Alto is a name that needs no introduction. The chef, Carlos Garcia is, undoubtedly, one of the best the city has seen so far. What further sweetens the deal is the eccentric blend of Mediterranean flavors and natural ingredients. For those with a love for food, this restaurant is nothing but a paradise. The delectable dishes are not just aesthetically appealing, they are complimented with the best wine you can find in the area. The priceless taste can be enjoyed at prices as low as $25 making it an ideal choice for the budget traveler.

Restaurant Le Gourmet

One restaurant that truly brings to life the notion of sinfully irresistible taste is none other than Restaurant Le Gourmet. The restaurant serves French cuisine and the eclectic menu lists the most versatile, classy and creative offerings deemed imaginable. For those who settle for nothing but the best, Restaurant Le Gourmet is the name. From the starters to the desserts, one just cannot help devouring the chef d’oeuvres offered here. The food is a bit expensive as compared to other restaurants but given the scrumptious taste, it is worth it.

Maute Grill

Deemed by many as one of the best steak houses ever, Maute Grill has everything you can ask for. It is one of those very few restaurants that can pride themselves on the most pleasing steaks, impressive service, charming ambiance and spectacular Venezuelan rum. Set out in a ranch style, it is one of the most recommended restaurants for steak lovers. For the discerning meat-eater, Maute Grill is a must-go.

With such outstanding restaurants in the city, the food is something you just cannot afford to miss. Double your fun with the best taste in town and make the most out of what the mesmerizing Caracas restaurants have to offer.

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