3 More Posadas in Maracaibo, Venezuela

Maracaibo is a beautiful city located in northwestern Venezuela. It is the second largest city in the country after the federal capital Caracas.

Maracaibo is one of the most visited travel destinations in Venezuela due to its amazing travel attractions. The famous Lake Maracaibo, TeatroBaralt and La Vereda del Lago Maracaibo are some of the attractions visited by many tourists each year.

Since the city is a busy tourist attraction, we would recommend you to make a hotel reservation prior to your arrival there. There are a number of Posadas that serve tourists. However, selecting one that meets your budget and ensures a comfortable stay is a long process. First of all you have to search inns in the city and then compare their rates to select the one that you desire. This indeed is a tiring job.

We have mentioned some of the best inns in Maracaibo on our website already. However, for those who think the previously mentioned hotels are not up to their expectations, there is another list.

We would also recommend you to make an online reservation with these Posadas after going through their websites which are also mentioned here.

1.     Hotel Costa Real

With 63 luxurious rooms, Hotel Costa Real’s mission is to make sure every guest in their inn is safe and has a good time while there. Their high end facilities include wireless Wi-Fi, refrigerator, excellent room service and a direct line telephone line.

The restaurant of the hotel offers delicious food which is basically a fusion of traditional Venezuelan and Mediterranean flavors. You can choose among a wide menu and to enjoy this food you don’t have to wait for long as their service is really fast. The environment around is comfortable with elegant décor. For booking and more details, visit the website http://www.hotelcostareal.com.ve/bar_restaurante.html.

2.     Hotel Cumberland

The rooms in this hotel are equipped with all necessary amenities such as proper air conditioning, cable TV and voicemail. Their rates are inclusive of all taxes and breakfast. This is why you do not have to worry about additional charges once you pay the hotel charges. The types of rooms offered in this hotel are:

The hotel’s menu allows you to select from a variety of dishes. This list primarily consists of the local food that is made in the traditional style.

For online booking and to get more information about this hotel, please visit the website http://www.hotelescumberland.com/cumberlandmcbo/?page_id=112

3.     Hotel Jolie

Located on 73rd Street, this hotel is surrounded by a number of restaurants, shopping centers and beautiful parks. So whenever you feel bored, you can take a trip around to refresh your mind.

However, we believe that while in this hotel you might not have enough time to get bored. The reason is that its magnificent décor, large lobby and other parts of the hotel are truly worth watching.

In addition, its 55 rooms are fully furnished in a contemporary style and are equipped with all modern amenities. For more information and to book a suite online, visit the website http://www.hoteljolie.com.ve/index.html

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