Posadas in Aragua, Venezuela 

In this travel guide to Posadas in Aragua, Venezuela you’ll learn about the nothern state of Aragua that borders the Caribbean Sea, see and read about some of the nicest posadas in Aragua where you can rent a room. Plus, you’ll find prices on posadas to book a room per night, and links for more information.

About Aragua, Venezuela

The state of Aragua, Venezuela is located in the northern part of the country, off the coast of the Carribien Sea. Aragua’s landscape is a mix of plains, jungles, and gorgeous Carribean beaches. Aragua is also the home of Venezuela’s first national park, named Henri Pittier, which you should consider visiting when you book your posada in Aragua.

Casa Mori Posada – Aragua, Venezuela


Casa Mori is one of the newer Posadas in Aragua, Venezuela, which opened in 2006, and has been treating its guests to excellent personalized care at this beautiful Posada that features the creature comforts you want, including: air conditioning, cieling fans, and private bathrooms.

The clean and brightly decorated rooms at the Casa Mori Posada come complete with cable TV and CD-player, and the comfortable beds are fitted with white, top, down comforters and 220 thread count pure cotton sheets.
Casa Mori Posasa has a beautiful swimming pool where you can relax, enjoy delicious snacks and refreshing beverages, or get some exercise before you head out for the evening.

Casa Mori nightly room rate includes tasy and filling breakfasts featuring many flavors from foods from around the world. An mid-day snack served around the pool, and a great dinner featuring lots of seafood with Caribbean and Asian touches.

This posada that prides itself on customer service also offers complimentary tropical cocktails, beer, and other refreshments on the terrace and by the pool all day until 10pm each night.

If you’re planning to travel to Aragua, Venezuela, consider the Casa Mori Posada.

Hostal Brisas de Aroa Posada – Aragua, Venezuela

The Hostal Brisasa de Aroa Posada in Aragua, Venezuela is a modern and clean posada that features 32 rooms that can comfortably accomodate you and your fellow guests. Posada rooms feature comfortable beds for guests of all ages, and also have rooms with bunk beds for kids in your group.

Posadas at the Hostal Brisas de Aroa are equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, private bathroom.

If you’re in the mood for a relaxing swim, you can walk down just a few feet to the refreshing pool and enjoy a few laps, followed by a cool beverage.

Posada La Casa de las Garcia, Choroni – Aragua, Venezuela

The beautiful Posada La Casa de las Garcia in Aragua is actually has a rich history, dating back over 300 years! The spacious rooms at this Posada can accommodate single to quadruple occupancy (1-4 guests).

This posada has several common areas and beautiful gardens for you to enjoy, private parking, and a great swimming pool where you can relax or get some exercise to recharge before a fun night.

Arakemo Posada, Choroni – Aragua, Venezuelan


The Arakemo Posada is an 22 room inn / hotel located between a river and the mountains around Aragua that features exotic landscaping and a unique architecture. Posada rooms are equipped with air conditioning, private batchrooms, hot water, and cable TV.

The Arakemo Posada also has a large swimming pool, hut with a bar, a multipurpose room, playground for kids, baby cots service, private parking, and a jogging track around the permiter for you to get your morning or evening run in each day.

What’s Your Favorite Posada in Aragua, Venezuela?

Have you stayed at the Casa Mori Posada, Hostal Brisasa de Aroa Posada, Posada La Casa de las Garcia, or another posada or hotel in Aragua, Venezuela? Please share your experiences with other travelers in the comments box below!

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