Transportation in Valencia

The very name of Valencia excites tourists and invites them to visit the beautiful city where numerous attractions await them. Some of these attractions in the third largest city of Venezuela include Parque Negra Hipolita, Paez House, Cerro Casupo Municipal Park, Parque Recreacional Sur, Acuario de Valencia and Plaza de toros Monumental de Valencia.

One of the most important things to ponder when planning a visit to Valencia is transportation. Tourists use the following modes of transportation to travel to and within the city of Valencia.

Travelling to Valencia

Air Travel – Valencia is home to Valencia International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Arturo Michelena). It is one of the busiest airports in Venezuela. Some of the airlines that serve the airport include Aeropostal, Aserca Airlines, Avianca, Avior, Copa Airlines, Dutch Antilles Express, Insel Air and LASER Airlines. To view the exact location of the airport on Google Maps, click here.

Road – You can enter Valencia by road too. It is around 160 kilometers away from Caracas. The three routes that can be taken from Caracas to Valencia include Carretera Panamericana and Autopista Regional del Centro, Carretera Panamericana and Autopista Regional del Centro. The first one is about two and half hours long. Other cities joined by Valencia by road include Barquisimeto, Maracaibo and Merida.

To enter Valencia by road you have two options – car and bus. If you have brought along your own car, you will be able to stop at your discretion at different areas that you find particularly intriguing. Bus services are also available to and from Valencia.  Valencia’s bus terminal can be found right next to the Big Low Center. You can locate Big Low Center on Google Maps by clicking here.

Travelling within Valencia

There are three primary ways of travelling within Valencia

Rent a Car – Numerous car-renting services are present online. Compare the rates and other particulars of different features and then make your reservation. If you are travelling with your family, renting a car will be the best option because of the comfort it provides. You will be able to travel to nearby cities while carrying all your belongings with you.

Taxi – If your stay in Valencia is short and you intend to visit places within a close range, the safest option to go for is taxi. Different taxi services operate in the city and you can call a cab by simply calling the service up. These taxi services have fixed rates and they inform you about the rates upon booking the taxi. Also, since the taxi belongs to a registered service, it is safe to travel in it. Taxis that you can get off the streets are not completely reliable. Since, you are a tourist, you are more vulnerable to local crimes.

Buses – There are two types of buses in Valencia – traditional and private. The traditional ones are used by the public and include different types of bus models. On the other hand, the private ones are called VALBUS and are relatively safer.

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