Top 3 Restaurants in Maracay, Venezuela


Maracay is the most important city in north-central region of Venezuela. It is also the capital of the State of Aragua and is densely populated. As per the 2001 census, the population of the city was over 750,000. Estimated population in the outskirts of the city is over 1 million.

The city has a number of etymologies. One of the most popular amongst them states that Maracay was named after an indigenous chef and that the word refers to a small tiger, Maracayo. Another famous story behind the city’s name cites that it was derived from the word Mara, which is basically the name of an aromatic tree.

One can truly imagine that if a city is named after a chef, what an amazing culinary experience it could offer. The same holds true for Maracay where you just not only eat food, you enjoy every bit of it. To ensure you have a great time while in the city, we recommend you visit to the following three eateries. They are tried and tested by herds of tourists.

1.     Odas

Odas is a paradise for those seeking traditional dishes with a touch of international flavors. The restaurant has a wide menu of dishes that are derived from fusion of several cuisines. The aesthetically appealing, cozy and serene atmosphere is just another plus to this place.

Odas has something delightful for every customer. Their chief chef Reyes masters in mingling flavors of different cultures. However, he also asks customers about their individual preferences. This results not only in unique, but scrumptious dishes that will be remembered for years.

The restaurant is just an ideal place to visit with your friends and family. Every customer in Odas receives personal attention from well-trained staff, which makes eating an even enjoyable experience. To make your special moments more memorable, it also has a VIP lounge with some special arrangements. So, whether you want to have a family gathering or an intimate romantic dinner, Odas is just the right place to celebrate while in Maracay.

2.     El Porton de la Abuela

El Porton de la Abuela is Spanish for ‘The Gate of Grandmother’. The restaurant’s menu is quite wide with a number of food varieties. The menu starts with a long list of mouth-watering appetizers and continues with delectable main courses. Then there are tasty desserts and some other side dishes to savor.

The décor of the restaurant is classy and elegant. It also holds live music performances that not only captivate your attention, they also make your food more enjoyable.

3.     Pizza Mia

Pizza Mia currently has its branches in only two cities, Valencia and Maracay. However, the sales of its pizzas made with fresh and rich ingredients hints towards further business expansion. If you are traveling with children, take them to this place where they can have loads of fun in the super playground that is equipped with all recreational facilities. Leave them under the supervision of trained staff and enjoy the most delicious pizzas in town.

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