Travel Tips to Venezuela

Nothing beats the excitement of knowing that you are about to visit a new country. And if this country is Venezuela, you are indeed a lucky person. The reason is it has everything you could imagine to avail in an ideal trip. It has historical buildings, modern architecture, good places to savor the taste of local and international food and much more.

However, before you start fantasizing about all these wonderful things, it is imperative that you take out some time and read our travel tips. It will tell you where to go and where not to on your trip. Also it will guide you on vaccinations that can prevent you from many diseases and the type of money you should take with you. Let us start with the basic travel tips for now:

General Travelling Tips

Travel Health Advice

Immunization against Hepatitis A is recommended for all tourists going to Venezuela. However, you might need vaccinations for yellow fever, typhoid, dengue fever and malaria, if you are planning to visit rural areas as well.

We would also recommend taking anti-malarial medicines with you, if you are going to Caracas and other major cities of the country where there are plenty of mosquitoes. Though free medical treatment is offered to tourists in government hospitals, their health care standards are not satisfactory. And private hospitals, where there are higher health care standards, are quite expensive. So the best way to avoid all these additional expenses and to enjoy your trip is to ensure you are immunized against all these diseases beforehand.

Helpful Tip: Have travel insurance that covers all the stated ailments.

Safety Tips

Though there are a number of dazzling locations to explore in Venezuela, the country carries a bad reputation in controlling crimes and robberies. The region with the highest threat is the Colombian border which should be highly avoided while in this country.

Unfortunately, its major travel attraction Caracas is also not safe and several cases of kidnapping and thefts have been reported there. Never trust taxi drivers there and take only the ones that are authorized.

How to Access Your Money while in Venezuela

The U.S. dollar is widely used currency there. However, traveler cheques, credit cards, debit cards and obviously cash are also acceptable. Check with your bank if their ATM card works in Venezuela.

Social Conventions

A handshake is an acceptable form of greeting in Venezuela when you are meeting a stranger for the first time. An informal way to greet someone is to exchange a hug with a handshake.

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