Hot Springs of Trenches, Valencia

While many South American countries tout their romanticized locations, Venezuela is known for its oil reservoirs. However, its rich history and beautiful locations are some other reasons this country has become a favorite travel destination in a short period.

Ever since the government has identified its National Historic Landmarks and promoted tourism, thousands of people have started visiting Venezuela each year. And why not? When you could have access to all world class luxuries and enjoy sightseeing in one of the most dazzling countries in the world, your trip is surely worth the cost.

We have told you how to arrive in the country. We have also discussed the routes you could take and the flights that leave for Venezuela from different locations. The Posadas that offer the best packages and the attractions you should visit while in the country are also mentioned. The top eateries and the local modes of transportation in different cities are also discussed on this website.

Miraculous Hot Springs of Trenches

However, the fact is that the stated things are not the only sites this country has to offer to its tourists. Venezuela offers more than this. It also has some of the most miraculous hot springs that are located in Valencia, Carabobo State. The reason for calling these spring waters miraculous is their healing properties. This water is rich in mineral and has the power to cure several ailments.

How to Reach There?

On your way to Puerto Cabello via Puerto Cabello-Valencia highway, when you cross the El Palito Refinery, take a right turn and you will find a village. The village is famous for its hot springs and is a major attraction for tourists seeking relaxation and cure of different diseases.

What is so special About the Hot Water Springs in Valencia?

Whirlpool Bath

Many people go to this place to enjoy the relaxing whirlpool bath where jets of warm water refresh your mind and body. The feeling of being under this water is just superb.

Healing Waters

Healing Waters come directly from the mountains and have temperature of about 92 degrees Celsius. Since the temperature is very high, water begins to vaporize when it enters the pool. This water is rich in bicarbonate, silica, fluoride, sodium and also has a little amount of radioactive elements that are not harmful for the human body. This water is good for treating ailments related to the autonomous nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system. It also cures gynecological problems, skin problems and other allergies.

However, bear in mind that if you chose to go into this water, you do not spend more than 10 minutes in the first pool where the maximum water temperature is 25 degrees.

Mud Pools

They are trenches of mud that have significant positive effects on the body. This mud helps cure rheumatism and arthritis. The temperature of mud pools reaches around 42 degrees and spreading it all over the body ensures complete absorption of minerals in the body. It is advisable to let the mud on the body air dry for at least 5 minutes for best results.

Helpful Tip: We would recommend you to consult your doctor before taking a sauna or a hot spring bath, if you have circulatory problems or high blood pressure.

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