All about Posadas

Venezuela is a country brimming with culture. No wonder thousands of tourists visit this country and its different cities every year. Some of the cities that the world loves most include Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, Merida, Cuidad Bolivar, Barquisimeto and Barinas.

The attractions in the cities of Venezuela are such that they make tourists feel like remain outdoors all day. The parks, the museums, the cultural exhibitions, the scenic landscape and everything else simply make tourists reluctant to back their relatively mundane hotel rooms. Hence, those who come to Venezuela to discover it choose to stay in Posadas (Spanish for inns) instead of contemporary hotels. If you too are planning to visit Venezuela and its numerous cities, you must live in a posada. There are a number of reasons why you should do so. Some of the reasons are as follows:

1. Cost Effective

Posadas cost significantly less than hotels do. This is so because of the modest standard of infrastructure and services they offer. Posadas are used only by tourists who come to tour the city and not for other purposes such as business meetings. Hence, there are a number of facilities that they don’t require that other types of tourists do such as business centers, high-speed Wi-Fi and classy decoration. This reduces the cost of running the business for Posada-owners and consequently lowers the prices offered to the guests. The money that guests save by living in Posadas is used for having more fun outside their Posadas.

2. Cultural Representation

Posadas are run by the local people who practice Venezuelan culture more accurately than the management and staff members of hotels do. So if you really are an explorer and wish to witness the true Venezuelan culture – including language, manners, food, hospitality, etc – staying at Posadas is a good way of doing so.

Furthermore, the way a posada is built, decorated and managed speaks tons about Venezuelan culture. Posadas in different cities of Venezuela differ in many aspects. For example, the ones in Maracaibo have architectures of colonial style. That is because Maracaibo was colonized by Spain in the 18th century. Similarly, other cities have their own cultures that influence their Posadas.

3. Interaction

Hotels have very formal settings. Different people come to stay in it for different reasons. Some have their family with them while others are accompanied by business partners. In Posadas, most of the guests are looking for the same things – adventure and exploration. Hence, if you are travelling solo, you might be able to interact with another solo tourists staying in Posadas. This will let you share your experiences with them and vice versa.  You might even start travelling together to different locations.

4. Location

Most Posadas are located in areas that make it easy for their guests to visit the different attractions of the city. However, some Posadas are located in non-central locations to provide guests with a more peaceful environment far away from the hustle and bustle locations of the city. They are suitable for couples who feel like escaping from the daily humdrum of life into a more romantic alternate reality.

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