Best Restaurants in Barquisimeto – Global Cuisines with Taste That Transcends Heaven

“Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort.” ~Norman Kolpas

Complying with the adage, ‘you are what you eat,’ happiest individuals are those who know how to appreciate the sinfully irresistible edibles that come in all shapes and forms. While no one can disagree that those tasty bites melting in your mouth are a delight, spice taste with travel and you get an experience impossible to forget.

In addition to all the marvels dotting the area, it is often the local and international cuisines served in the area that beckons tourists to visit it again and again. In this regard, Barquisimeto in Venezuela is no exception. Being one of the most appraised destinations in the country, Barquisimeto claims its superiority by being home to some of the most exceptional eateries in the country.

What makes restaurants in Barquisimeto all the more appealing is that they cater to all tastes and have something to offer every tourist coming from all walks of life. Since the city entertains tourists from across the globe who come to enjoy the spectacular sights the city has to offer, international cuisine are sought highly in the city.

If you have a penchant for international cuisine, Barquisimeto will turn out to be an epicurean’s paradise for you. With several exceptional eateries serving international cuisine in the area, a handful of those with countless raving reviews are briefly listed below.

Mi Vagon

Serving international cuisine only, Mi Vagon is an amazing pick whether it is romantic dining you desire or a business dinner you wish to have. Mi Vagon has a long list of satisfied clients who just cannot seem to get enough of the eatery. With all those meals promising you the taste of heaven, Mi Vagon is an option that can never go wrong.

It is a widely recommended restaurant for tourists and locals alike. The prices are reasonable and even though many years have passed since its establishment, it continues to claim its status as one of the best eateries in town.

Mi Estacion

The taste offered by the restaurant is nothing but finger-licking good. While one may think what makes the eatery so famous, as you enter the restaurant you will find guests having their meals with contended smiles and this is in fact all the encouragement one needs.

The décor is impressive and the impeccable service urges guests to visit it in large numbers. The large repertoire of menu has earned the restaurant a reputation others cannot dream of. All in all, eating here proves to be an amazingly tasty experience for everyone.

El Circulo

Bathed in an air of elegance, the amazing décor encourages passers by to step inside and become a part of the extravaganza. The staff is friendly and one is immediately seated. The hosts listen to all your requests and do not hesitate to go to any extent to make you feel comfortable. While prices are a bit steep, they are worth every single penny you spend here. The meals are nothing but spectacular and this makes it one of the most recommended eateries in town.

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