Bus Lines, Schedules and Routes in Venezuela  

Buses Schedules for the Venezuelan bus transportation system are available throughout the major cities across Venezuela, and are a smart way for tourists to figure out the fastest and cheapest ways to get to their favorite tourist attraction, historical building, or restaurant. This guide will help you understand more about the buse system in Venezuela.

The Different Types of Public Transportation Buses

Venezuela bigger cities have their own bus system and terminals, and it is recommended for bus tickets to be purchased in advance to avoid great rush. This is especially true during the holidays like Christmas. Venezuela bus terminals have connecting lines that goes to the south, north, east and western part of the country, so you can usually find a nice, comfortable bus to take you anywhere you’d like to go in Venezuela.

The bus lines in Venezuela range from standard local commuter buses, to super executive liners that allow you to travel in comfort and style. This enables tourists and travelers can choose what specific bus type they will prefer.

These Venezuelan luxury buses are equipped with nice ammenities such as reclining seats, a toilet and most of all, snacks are offered to the passengers.  Travelers are required to wear their Ids, and it’s usually recommended that tourists carry their passports at all times. 

Below is a List of a Several Executive Venezuelan Liners:


Aerobuses de Venezuela

Aeroexpresos Ejecutivos

Bus Routes in Venezuela

With a country as large as Venezuela, there are literally hundreds of routes connecting the many cities and towns of the country. Travelers can even plan trips that includes going through all these linkages. For example, if the vacationer is coming from Brazil, there’s a route which leaves from Boa Vista which crosses Gran Sabana on your way to Margherita Island.

One of the larger bus lines in Venezuela is Aeroexpresos, which offers services to and from major cities and towns in Valenzuela including: Puerto la Cruz, Maracay, Maracalbo, Caracas, Basquimento and Puerto Ordaz. 

Few examples of routes with their corresponding prices are as follows:

Route: Caracas – Puerto La Cruz
Estimated Cost: Bs. 26.000
Travel Time: 5 hours 30 min. 

Route: Caracas – Maracay
Indicative Rate: Bs. 7.500
Travel Time: 2 hours 

Route: Caracas – Maturín
Estimated Cost: Bs. 20.500
Travel Time: 7 hours 30 min.  

Route: Caracas – Maracaibo
Estimated Cost: Bs. 33.500
Travel Time: 10 hours 

Route: Pto. La Cruz – Valencia
Estimated Cost: Bs. 26.000
Travel Time: 7 hours 30 min. 

For more information on bus line schedules, routes and prices around Caracas, and throughout Venezuela, travelers can visit Aeroexpresos Ejecutivos at http://www.aeroexpresos.com.ve/

Tips for Traveling on Venezuela’s Bus Lines

When traveling around Valenzuela by bus, you’ll want to carry personal identification because there are various checkpoints in some parts of the country. It’s also a good idea for travelers to keep colored photocopies of their passport just in case it gets stolen or lost, to save time processing getting a replacement passport at the consulate office.

In terms of safety and security, it is said that the Venezuelan military forces are present anywhere and anytime. However, as someone who is unfamiliar with the country, it is important to be very careful since some of these military officials and personnel can be corrupt. And as with traveling to anywhere in the world, always keep your personal belongings and luggage next to you, where you can keep them safe as you travel.

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