Attractions in Maracaibo- Magnificent Marvels to Take Your Breath Away

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
~ Marcel Proust

There are only a few things in life that render as much pleasure as traveling. The excitement of discovering a new country and getting introduced to different cultures, foreign customs and variety of cuisines make traveling a delight never known to mankind. Every once in a while, our hectic schedules necessitate a journey that not only soothes the soul but refreshes the mind in the true sense.

Venezuela tops the list of travelers as a destination that perfectly embodies the serenity and solace a fatigued soul seeks. While every single city of this exceptional country has something entirely unique to offer, when it comes to Maracaibo, nothing else comes close. Given all that Maracaibo has to offer, it will only be justified to call the city the biggest jewel in the Venezuelan crown.

Every city has certain attractions that encourage tourists to come to it over and over again and Maracaibo is no exception. The city emerges as a hodgepodge of natural wonders and magnificent man-made structures inspiring a unique charm. Want a list of all those marvels you just cannot afford to miss in the area? Read on.

Colonial Streets

If the city’s colonial past is something you will want to explore, Santa Lucia is where you need to head to. Santa Lucia is dotted with buildings showcasing the old European style and its narrow pathways give tourists an insight into the city’s glorious history. Two other neighborhoods you will want to visit in order to complete your travel back in time are Carabobo Street and Santa Rosa De Agua. The stalls and wooden houses in these areas are unlike anything you will ever come across.

Path of the Lake Park

It is indeed one of the most interesting parks in Maracaibo. Located at the lakefront to the city centre’s east, it is one of the best options any traveler has for spending a sunny afternoon. Despite the fact that the park does not occupy a massive area, it does not lack lengthy pathways, sufficient sport amenities and well-kept flower borders. Furthermore, the renowned Aquamania Park is also located here.

Baralt Theatre

Located in the heart of the city’s centre, Baralt Theatre is one of the most sought-after sites in Maracaibo. This theatre is located next to the famous Bolivar Square. Its massive and striking structure has earned it a reputation that will not wane anytime soon. Even if one is not attending a show here, the opulent and well-maintained structure is worth a visit.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens are in close vicinity of the La Chinita International Airport, this site top the tourists’ list of itineraries. These gardens are one of those attractions that enchant everyone, tourists and locals alike. Botanical Gardens are home to around 1300 species of plants and cover an overwhelming area of 97 hectares.

With a treasure trove of attractions, Maracaibo in Venezuela is the realization of dreams for any traveler.

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