Porlamar in Venezuela – The City of Sizzling Sites and Superb Shopping

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” ~Jawaharlal Nehru

Travel is endeavored at the broadening of one’s views and reestablishing the harmony that once existed between nature and mankind. Traveling soothes our cravings for an awakening sense of joy. With the chronic humdrum of routine an essential aspect of our lives, it is only travel that can help to replenish our soul by allowing our imagination to take a flight. Not only does it help silence our mind, travel gives an individual a chance to appreciate the whimsical strokes of artistry scattered about us.

Porlamar is one city in Venezuela that encompasses all that travel has to offer. Being a part of the famous Margarita Island, it is Porlamar that can inspire contentment from the most discerning of travelers. Enjoying a strategic location, Porlamar is one of those travel destinations that never fail to strike a chord with anyone.

What gives Porlamar an edge over other Venezuelan cities is that unlike other cities, it is an ideal pick for those who intend to go on a shopping spiel on holiday. Since Margarita Island is a free port, one is not required to pay value added tax and you can literally shop till you drop. Porlamar embodies all the elements of fun and excitement making it one of the most talked-about destinations in Venezuela.

The following is a city guide for all those holiday-makers planning to visit the exceptional Venezuelan city to guarantee an immensely exciting experience.

How to Get There

Porlamar is only a 30 minute drive away from the Santiago Marino international airport. Since there are several flights to and from the city, it is indeed the most convenient means to get there. A fast highway takes you to the city from the airport so this ensures hassle free access to the city.

How to Move Around

Like any other traveler, if you want to enjoy Porlamar at its best in the very limited time that you have, go for car rentals. Despite the fact that public transport is available and you can hire a cab, going for a car rental is strongly recommended as you will be able to move about the city at your own desired pace.

Where to Eat

Despite the fact that Venezuelan cuisine is naturally a blend of rich spices that promise to tickle your tongue, nothing can surpass what Porlamar has to offer. The city has countless eateries with food so delicious that you will feel as if you have just tasted heaven. Some of the most popular eateries in the area are listed below.

What to See

The city is blessed with immense natural beauty and its beauty is the primary reason tourists visit it in such a large number. Vivacious vistas and scenic sights are what holiday-makers come across as far as they can see. A handful of marvels that you cannot afford to miss on a trip to the area are given below.

All in all, a trip to Porlamar can prove to be the realization of any tourist’s dreams.

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