A Food Guide to Caracas Venezuela Restaurants

In this food guide, for Caracas, Venezuela, you’ll learn about the types of foods restaurants serve in Caracas, the types of authentic venezuela food locals eat, learn about Venezuela’s famous Arepa food, and discover a few helpful travel tips for tourists visiting Venezuela.

What types of foods do Restaurants serve in Caracas, Venezuela?

One of the great things about eating out in Caracas, Venezuela is that you’ll find just about any type of food you could want. Venezuela’s population of 28 million people originate from European, Amerindian, African, Asian, and Middle Eastern heritage, so you’ll find everything from Spanish-style restaurants in Caracas, plus Italian, French, Peruvian, and Chinese restaurants. Caracas Venezuela has almost every type of food available that you could want.

There are great fish and seafood restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela as well as tasty roasted chicken dishes, fresh juice bars, middle-eastern vegetable dishes, pasta and pizza spots, local coffee shops, as well as dessert shops to enjoy eclairs, and other mouth-watering pastries, that you’re going to love. When eating in Caracas, Venezuela, you’re not limited to just fine-dining or high-end foods.

If you’re traveling on a budget or just want to grab a quick bite, there are American mall-style food courts with groups of fast-food restaurants and grills that serve everything from Arepas, to Pad Thai. After a big meal in Caracas, you’ll also want to stop at Dulces Criollos or one of the other candy stores, and enjoy one of their sweet cakes, or other local Venezuelan deserts.

What is Authentic Venezuelan Food?

Traditional or Authentic Venezuela Food usually has some type of high quality fish or other seafood, which makes sense considering the majority of the population lives in the northern part of the Venezuela, near the Carribean sea. But authentic Venezuelan food has lots of other ingredients as well. For example, the national dish of Venezuela is called the Pabello, and consists of stewed and shredded meat, rice, black beans, and bananas. Venezuelans also like to eat empanadas, which is a corn/flour stuffed bread that can be filled with seafood, meats, and cheeses. Another authentic food in Venezuela is a tasty pancake-type treat, that’s usually accompanied by all types of foods, such as meat, cheeses or sweet jams.

The Arepa: Venezuela’s Famous Food

One of Venezuela’s most popular food is the Arepa. It’s actually not a complete dish, but a type of bread that’s served with most dishes. Arepas are made with corn flour, water and salt, and then combined with almost all types of foods, including meats, cheeses, sweet jellies and jams, and more. You’ll find Arepas served with most meals at restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela.

Where can I eat authentic Venezuelan food?

There are a host of restaurants where you can enjoy Venezuela’s authentic food dishes. Visit our Best Restaurants in Venezuela page to discover some restaurants in Venezuela that serve authentic venezuelan food, as well as everything from elegant restaurants to fast-food grills:

Any Foods I Should Avoid in Caracas, Venezuela?

Unless you have any specific food allergies, we haven’t heard of any foods to avoid in Caracas, Venezuela. It’s best to check with your doctor if you have any concerns about foods in Caracas, before you travel to Venezuela.

Is the water safe to drink in Caracas, Venezuela?

It has been reported that the water in Caracas is safe to drink, although when traveling in Venezuela, it’s recommended that tourists boil all drinking water, or drink bottled water. It’s also advisable to avoid ice cubes, and uncooked fruits and vegetables that might have been washed with tap water.

How Much Does it Cost To Eat in Caracas, Venezuela?

The great thing about eating in Caracas, Venezuela is that there’s lots of great food to try at a reasonable price. You’ll find everything from low-priced fast-food grills, all the way up to find-dining restaurants in Caracas to suit your taste buds and travel budget.

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