Beaches of Venezuela 

The Vargas State offers the longest stretch Caribbean coastline, and because of this, it is considered by a lot of travelers who want to experience a wonderful tropical vacation by visiting the beaches in Venezuela. The country offers a variety of destination choices for beach bums and sun worshippers. Tourists have numerous options ranging from pristine undeveloped, to secluded shorelines, to beach resorts bustling with travelers. 
Below is a brief overview of some of the most famous beaches of Venezuela:

Henry Pittier National Park

Although Henry Pittier National Park is the oldest park of the country, it still showcases a lot the most scenic beaches in Venezuela. This beach is located less than 50 miles from the west side of Caracas, where the Caribbean Sea meets the coastal foothills of the famous Andes Mountain range, and has numerous dramatic coves that are carved out off the hillside where you’ll experience clear blue water enclosed by a deep forest that is home to jaguars and monkeys. Some of these beaches, especially the ones are located along the highway of Caracas like Bahía de Cata offer simple accommodation options and dining to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

Margarita Island

This Island is currently the most popular resort area of the country since this is where most beaches in Venezuela are located. Visitors from all over the world flock this area on order to enjoy the island as well as the same attractions offered by the neighboring Caribbean islands. It is said that the white sands of the beaches are totally legendary. Aside from that, the three main cities, namely Pampatar, Porlamar and La Asuncion, all have resorts and hotels right on the beach itself. The island even has two national parks and three nature reserves that provide opportunities for wildlife viewing. It also showcases a number of undeveloped yet picturesque Caribbean beaches. The Margarita Island has an international airport that caters direct flights to and from major cities in Europe and North America.

Los Roques Archipelago

This is a national park that has dozens of pristine, white-powder beaches, just off the coast of Venezuela, gently lapped by clear blue waters and warm ocean breezes. Los Roques’ beaches are also home to more than 40 coral reef islands and numerous islets and cays that are located due north of the capital city of Caracas in the Caribbean Sea.

The beaches and open ocean surrounding Los Roques’ islands are also very popular among scuba divers and sport fisherman looking to experience some of the best deep water fishing and bonefishing in the world.
After you’re done enjoying the beaches of Los Roques, there are also plenty of posadas (small, privately run hotels), and restaurants on Gran Roque where locals live, work and go to school.

El Payon Beach

Another popular Caribbean beach in Venezuela is El Payon. El Payon begins with the Caura River, a pristine wild river that runs through the Amazon rain forest region of Venezuela and leads to a wide white sand beach that is called El Playon. El Playon is surrounded by lush jungle and together with the Caura River are both popular tourist destinations for travelers to Venezuela.

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