Restaurants in Merida, Venezuela

Merida is the capital of the Venezuelan state of Merida. The city was founded in 1558 and today is home to more than 204,000 people. Thousands of tourists visit Merida each year because of the wide range of attractions it has such as Pico Bolivar, Mercado Principal and Teleferico. Also, the transportation available in Merida makes it easy for tourists to travel to their destinations safely and easily. Furthermore, when it comes to gastronomical delights, Merida has much to offer to its tourists.

We have compiled a list containing the names of the best eateries in Merida. They are as follows:

Pastelitos La Parroquia

Pastelitos La Parroquia is Spanish for Parish Cakes. If you have a sweet tooth or at least can appreciate fine desserts, Pastelitos La Parroquia is a place you must visit.

The cakes at this parlor are simply marvelous. There is a wide variety in flavors. Some of them include potato cheesecake, breaded mushrooms of pavilion, cupcakes and different pies. Given the high demand of these cakes, customers have to wait for a while before they can relish the desserts they ordered. The wait is certainly worth it. Moreover, in spite of the great taste and quality of the cakes, the prices do not burn holes in your pocket. The restaurant is open until late hours, which compensates for the long waiting time.

To view the exact location of Pastelitos La Parroquia on Google Maps, click here.

La Capellania

La Capellania can be categorized as a contemporary café. The café’s ambiance is inspired by minimalism and is simply elegant. Most tourists who La Capellania, recommend it to others. They do so because of the great time they have there.

Firstly, the ambiance is great. At times, the restaurants have bands performing live. The menu has a wide variety of cuisine. From savory to sweet – the menu has it all. Some dishes worth mentioning include antipasto of eggplant, ricotta and black forest ham.

The restaurant has two branches – one is next to the CC Mayor Plaza, while the other one in DC High Meadow. Given the great quality of food, excellent service and sophisticated ambiance, the prices are high but they are worth it.

To locate the restaurant at CC Mayor Plaza on Google Maps, click here.

Pizzeria Da Enzo

Who doesn’t love pizza? The special thing about Pizzeria da Enzo is that it can satisfy even the harshest pizza critics. Yes, tourists who have had pizzas all around the world find Pizzeria Da Enzo one of the best pizzerias ever. The place has all sorts of pizzas that a pizza lover can dream of. The flavors are both traditional and contemporary. There are different sizes to choose from. The price range per person is $5 to $10. The serving time is no longer than 10 minutes. The place can prove to be a rescuer for tourists who do not happen to like Venezuelan food. To locate Pizzeria Da Enzo on Google Maps, click here.

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