Eating Delights- Restaurants in Maracay That Are Talk of the Town

He who eats alone chokes alone. ~Proverb

If you think Venezuela is all about beauty queens, you have no idea what the destination has to offer. Despite the fact that the country features the tallest waterfall, the Angel Falls, most of the travelers have no idea of otherworldly charm and overwhelming beauty that awaits them. If a visit to an area of paradisiacal beauty is your plan this holiday, Venezuela is going to excel all your expectations.

Being a Caribbean pearl, Venezuela is one of those few countries with a timeless beauty that truly makes it the world’s best kept secret. Maracay is the magical city that serves as a major attraction for those seeking a relaxing respite. In addition to the plethora of exotic sights dotting the area, it is the food that has earned the city its unsurpassed reputation.

Exotic food is a preference not only for the epicureans but for every traveler who desires something more than just exploration. Venezuelan cuisines are known for never failing to strike a chord with holiday-makers. What further sweetens the deal is the fact that even the foreign cuisines served here are going to ravish your appetite like nowhere else. Every single restaurant promises something to suit every taste and pocket but some of the most sought-after eateries in the area are briefly listed below.


Serving international and Italian cuisines, this restaurant is famous for the delectable dishes offered here. The décor is sophisticated and chic making it an ideal choice for business meetings or romantic dinners. With a taste that tantalizes the taste buds, here you get a chance to immerse in the most sensuous enjoyment known to mankind, eating. Not only the food, even the dessert is delicious earning the restaurant a high ranking with those having sweet tooth.

Churchill Steak House

If you are a steak lover but did not eat at Churchill Steak House, you have no idea what are you missing. With the best chefs in the country using their secret recipe, the steaks here are nothing but exceptionally appetizing. In addition to their simply irresistible taste, it is the restaurant’s excellent service that has made it one of the most recommended restaurants in town.

Porton De La Abuela

With a proud legacy of 10 years in the business rendering a consistently satisfied clientele, Porton De La Abuela is one of those restaurants that have a reputation others cannot even dream of. The restaurant deals in international and Spanish cuisines primarily that are sinfully irresistible. However, the highlight is the fish and chips that locals and foreigners cannot seem to get enough of.


Offering a wide variety of dishes, dishes served here are an eclectic blend of rich flavors that alleviates the joy of traveling to the city. Whether it is something sophisticated you are looking for or casual dining you will prefer, one cannot help but devour every single morsel one gets here. Simply put, at Atico you jazz up your traveling experience with a taste of heaven.

In short for an unforgettable culinary experience, restaurants in Maracay are the safest bet.

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