Restaurants in Merida – For Taste That Is Talk of the Town

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” ~ Francis Bacon

Bathed in an air of elegance, Merida in Venezuela is a traveler’s paradise. The city is peppered with a plethora of attractions scattered about the area and casts an otherworldly charm that leaves one spellbound. The city stretches along a stunning valley and is located next to the breathtaking Sierra Nevara. The city prides itself on its myriad of sites that no informed tourist should miss.

Sights and attractions like Avenida Andres Bello, La Parroquia and El Punto Sector incite tourists into discovering the most-talked about spots reeking of a sepulchral beauty. Apart from striking town squares and magnificent monuments, Merida has 28 urban parks which are everything to rave about.

Foreign cuisines are something every holiday-maker looks forward to and the restaurants in Merida simply take the cake. Featuring a huge assortment of eateries serving local and international cuisines, the city has a classy repertoire of flavors that elevates one’s traveling experience to new heights. Some of the most exceptional eateries that are a must-visit on a trip to Merida are briefly described below.

Pastelitos La Parroquia

Being one of the most recommended eateries in the area, Pastelitos La Parroquia prides itself on its long list of raving reviews. Not only does the restaurant offer heavenly meals, they excel all your expectations in terms of services as well. The décor is impressive and with their extensive menu, it is all one needs to fall in love to the area even more.

La Capellania

La Capellania is more of a cafe with its contemporary offerings most of which are desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, this is just the place to satisfy all your cravings. Their menu is a wide array of scrumptious sandwiches, variety of wines, not to forget the tempting desserts. The entrees are aesthetically presented making eating here nothing short of a delight.

Helederia Coromoto

Tucked beautifully in a decent neighborhood, Helederia Coromoto offers the biggest variety of ice cream selection you will come across. Since the place has claimed the Guinness world record for its wide array of ice cream flavors, Helederia Coromoto should be on top of every traveler’s itinerary. Besides the traditional flavors, you will find unbelievable creations a la mode. With its laid back ambiance, it is the perfect place to devour divine ice cream.

Pizzeria Da Enzo

Pizzeria Da Enzo is an exclusive eatery serving the best Italian food in town. The restaurant is famous for the one-of-a-kind pizzas coated with layers of mozzarella. The restaurant is family friendly and in addition to their customized offerings, it is the positive vibes emanating from the staff as they serve you that encourages one into coming to it again and again. The restaurant is not very big but definitely justifies the adage that ‘best things come in small packages.’

For epicureans, restaurants in Merida are a dream come true. Give yourself a taste of Venezuela and have an experience of a lifetime.

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