Top 3 Posadas in Maturin, Venezuela

Maturin is the capital of Monagas, a Venezuelan state. It was founded in 1760 and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Famous for its petroleum reservoirs, over 401,384 people reside here.

If you are planning a visit Venezuela, we would recommend you to pay a visit to this city too. To find the exact location of the city, click here.

In Maturin, you could enjoy a number of sight seeing tours. In addition, you could also get a chance to attend the Maturin Carnival-a local festival that is now garnering a lot of attention globally. Other attractions of the city include:

However, before you land in Maturin, make sure you have selected a posada to stay in during your trip. We have gathered the best inns in the city and recommend you make a reservation with one of the following restaurants.

1.     Best Western CCP Suite Business Hotel

This hotel is located in the AlirioUgartePelayo Avenue. It is just 10 minutes from the city centre and 15 minutes from the International Airport Joes Tadeo Monagas. The inn is equipped with all necessary facilities you could ask for such as cable TV, hot water, air conditioning, telephone and internet. Best of all, the hotel can also make arrangements for long-term temporary or permanent residence, if a visitor chooses to extend their trip.

Other facilities you could enjoy while in this hotel are:

For more details and online booking, please visit

2.     La Cascada Hotel

This hotel is located in the premises of Mall La Cascada. It is 10 minutes from Jose Tadeo Monagas International Airport and is an ideal place to stay in, if you are going to Maturin for a business purpose.

There are 193 rooms in the hotel that are designed beautifully. Every room has a TV, refrigerator and internet access. The hotel is a multi story building and is divided into three categories depending on the sizes of rooms. Also there is a Business Center on the 3rd floor that can be used for meetings. For more information and online booking, visit

3.     Stauffer Hotel

Known for its high end services, a stay in Stauffer Hotel will make you feel like royalty. The hotel has comfortable suites and other complementary facilities such as a large lobby and an intimate bar. It also has its very own restaurant where a wide array of scrumptious cuisineoptions awaits you.

To ensure their guests have a great time, the hotel offers some special facilities such as a swimming pool, a gym, car rental service, parking and immediate medical attention. Also by staying there you could avail a chance to watch the dazzlinglight show arranged in the hotel premises. For more information and to make an online reservation, visit

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