Top 4 Restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and is also the biggest city of the country. It is more than five centuries year old and thus, is rich in culture and traditions. When visiting this beautiful city, it is a must that you go to at least five restaurants to experience the extensive range of cuisine that the city has to offer who visit it. We have compiled a list of five restaurants in Caracas that we think are among the best and must be visited. The restaurants below are listed in no particular order.

Maute Grill

As the name suggests Maute Grill offers a very wide range of scrumptious non veggie cuisine including, seasoned and savory steaks and sausages. The main courses are so tempting it hardly leaves any space for the dessert but guess what, the starts and salads too are so delicious that one has to put a foot down to be able to have the main course following them. The ambiance Maute Grill provides is very family oriented. There are seats both indoors and outdoors. The seating outdoors allows the visitors to enjoy the view of the cooks roasting steaks before a most serene and natural background.

Chez Wong

Yes, Venezuela is located in South America and not in the Far East. However, this restaurant in the center of Caracas serves absolutely authentic Chinese cuisine. Chez Wong has a range of cuisine of both the Chinese cooking styles that exist – Hunan and Szechuan. The affair begins with delectable starters and then moves on to main courses that not be resisted by anyone appreciates Chinese cuisine. From dishes such as dim sum to Peking duck, Chez Wong has it all. The restaurant frequently updates its menu adding dishes that it hopes visitors will love and dropping those relatively less appetizing.

Lee Hamilton’s Steak House

If Maute Grill serves the most scrumptious steaks in Caracas, Lee Hamilton does the same in a much more classical way. The restaurant started off more than half a century ago. And just like the restaurant that has considerably aged, the steaks too taste like they were left to mature for a long time before being put on the grill. Each dish has a large serving size to let visitors eat heartily. In addition to red meat steaks, there are a number of other dishes too that delight visitors such as those with vegetables, whipped potatoes and poultry items in them.


Even while being at the edge of North America, you can get transported right at the heart of dear ol’ Paris. Yes, you can do so by visiting Lasserre, the restaurant that is known to serve the best French cuisine in Caracas. The ambiance makes you feel like you are present in Paris in the 1950’s with French décor and cutlery. The food lives up to the standard that a visitor expects upon seeing the décor. Some of the dishes worth mentioning are Kiev, peacock bass and boar.

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