Hotels in Merida – Opulent Accommodations That Come Inexpensive

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”~ Freya Stark

Being surrounded by paradisiacal beauty as far as eyes can see is everyone’s idea of a holiday well-spent. When imagination set sails, the elated joy of immersing in never-ending adventure helps one to get a break from all the trials and tribulations that await one at home.

Given all the stress an average individual faces, traveling is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. This has allowed scores of individuals to realize the importance of exploring the wilderness, leaving one in awe. When an exceptional holiday is desired, Venezuela turns out to be the realization of one’s dreams. It may not be the first name that comes to one’s mind for vacation but once you are there, the realization hits hard that it is indeed the world’s best kept secret.

Merida in Venezuela is beauty personified. The city inspires curiosity among the hundreds of visitors coming to explore this land of wonders. The city is a sight to behold with a diversity of features. From the snow-covered peaks of Pico De Bolivar to the sun-kissed Palmarito Beach, from stunning national parks to mesmerizing monuments, a trip to the city implies limitless fun.

The excitement of traveling to a foreign land is often eclipsed by the fear of finding appropriate lodgings. If you think being a tourist you will have to pay high prices for accommodations, you are in for a big surprise. At Merida, one can secure the most opulent accommodation at unbelievably low prices. Since it is an endeavor at helping tourists get the best of Venezuela without burning a hole in their pockets, some inexpensive options you can opt for in the area are briefly listed below.

Hosteria and Spa La Sevillana

Tucked beautifully just 20 minutes away from downtown Merida is Hosteria and Spa La Sevillana. Scattered on a massive area of 65 acres, the hotel is at its glamorous best. Despite the fact that the lodging features only 12 rooms, they are luxuriously equipped with TV, air conditioning, iron, coffee, refrigerator, hair dryer, attached baths, bathrobes, hygiene kit and a safe. If you think all this will cost a king’s fortune, one can stay at Hosteria and Spa La Sevillana for prices as low as $75.

Hotel La Pedregosa

Hotel La Pedregosa is located in a modern neighborhood of Merida. With its panoramic views, the hotel is a new establishment. With the Pan-American Avenue next to it, the hotel has inspired an unsurpassed reputation. Since it is located in the outskirts of the city, it offers some of the most breathtaking views just outside one’s room with a plethora of amenities that justify its superiority. The hotel has a stunning mini-bar as well as health club. With its rock-bottom prices, it is an ideal option for a perfect stay.

Hotel Paramo La Culata

On a tour of the route that takes one from el Valle De San Javier to the north of Merida, one comes across the exceptional Paramo La Culata. Here you will enjoy the most sought-after facilities and abundance of natural beauty perfectly blended with striking constructions and luxurious ambiance. Since the location is a bit off-the-way, it is the most viable pick for those seeking serenity and solace. Amenities one can enjoy here include bar, room service, parking, television and safe deposit.

Simply put, with hotels in Merida, experience Venezuela at affordable rates.

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