Public Transportation Guide to Venezuela 

There are numerous public transportation options in Venezuela for all types of travelers, from boats, to buses, cars, and taxis. From the minute you exit the local airport in Caracas, Venezuela you’ll find many connections to the public bus system, car rentals and more. Below is a brief overview you the different types of public transportation available in Caracas, and other areas of Venezuela. 

Venezuela’s Public Transportation and Prices


Tourists traveling to Venezuela’s Los Roques islands can rent a boat or yacht, complete with a captain and crew to enjoy a day out at sea, or fishing expedition. To rent a boat on Los Roques’ Gran Roque island, you can reserve a boat through a travel agent, or wait until you arrive and visit the various boat and yacht rental locations and choose the best option on the spot.

Bus System 

In Caracas, and many other major cities in Venezuela, buses depart about every 30 minutes. Buses usually start running at 5 in the morning. Short bus rides in Venezuela of a dozen blocks or so can cost about $1.50 – $2. If you plan on taking a long bus ride through Venezuela, consider bringing a blanket and extra clothes with you to help keep you warm, especially when you’re traveling into higher altitudes. Bus passes don’t need to be purchased in advance, however consider looking into pre-purchasing bus passes if you plan on traveling during busy times of the year.

Car and Motorcycle Rentals in Caracas, Venezuela

You can rent a car in Venezuela at many of the same car rental companies you’ll find in the United States, and Europe, such as Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, or Thrifty Rent A Car. You can expect to pay $40- $60 for a small budgeted car, but check with your travel agent or hotel/posada where you’re staying to get the latest prices and best deal on a car rental in Venezuela. There are numerous gas stations in the country where you can get fuel up. Last time we checked, the price for 95 octane unleaded fuel is only 0.097 BsF/liter and that is about $0.045/liter or $0.18 per gallon. Gas prices do fluctuate in venezuela though, so you’ll want to make sure that you do some research to budget enough for gas and insurance when you rent a car in Venezuela.

Airline Flight Transportation in Venezuela

There are domestic and international flights available in Venezuelan cities including Caracas, Porlamar, Canaima, Cuamaa and Maracaibo. Flying to Los Roques’ Gran Roque island from Caracas only takes about 35 minutes, and flights to Los Roques from Caracas, Venezuela range from $250 – $300, per person.


For short trips around town, you can take one of the many taxis in Venezuela. Tourists can negotiate the fare with the taxi driver, although taxi cabs are fairly expensive in Caracas and other cities, so you may want to take a bus or other public transportation instead.

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