Top 3 Posadas in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

Ciudad Guayana lies at the junction of two rivers; Orinoco River and Caroni River. The city was founded in 1961 and has a number of sight seeing locations that allure hundreds of tourists each year. The main part of the city is composed of the old San Felix town and the new Puerto Ordaz.

Ciudad Guayana is home to one of the country’s most important port and is a fastest-growing city. The city is well-planned and its major tourist attractions include La Llovizna and Cachamay Parks. The parks have lovely cascades and their paths are decorated with plants, which further enhances their beauty.

If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, we recommend you book a suite there prior to your arrival. Many of the hotels/Posadas we are about to mention here allow you to book online and up on your arrival, you will find everything as per you demanded.

The following are the top 3 Posadas in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela:

1.   Best Western Hotel Mara Inn

Located in the centre of the city, Best Western Hotel Mara Inn offers the most elegant and luxurious suits in the town. Its most significant amenities include:

This hotel could be your priority if you easily get inspired by personalized attention. The staff is very courteous and makes available anything you want.

Staying in Best Western Hotel Mara Inn could cost you up to $211.82 per night irrespective of high or low season for a double bedroom. The services in this package include breakfast buffet and high speed internet connection. However, for a Royal Suite with premium services such as a king size sofa bed, a special breakfast and high speed internet, the hotel could charge you up to $302.26.

2.   Posada Grandes Ríos (Great Rivers Inn)

Posada Grandes Ríos is situated in Puerto Ordaz near a busy shopping centre and in between a bunch of restaurants where scrumptious local and international food is available all the time.

The hotel has 10 spacious rooms with individual entrances, high speed internet, air conditioner, bathroom, refrigerator and cable TV. Furthermore, every guest can avail parking space that is enough for nearly 15 vehicles.

3.   La Casa Hotel Boutique (The House Boutique Hotel)

This hotel combines tradition and modernism, elegance and uniqueness, which distinguishes it from other hotels. While its comfortable suits allow you to relax, its VIP lounge is just perfect for all your business meetings.

In addition to this, the hotel’s transportation that leaves to and from the airport could be called anytime. Up on booking a room for two people you can avail the following services:

On the other hand, the executive suite service includes a lavish bed and breakfast experience.

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