Restaurant Review: Antigua – Caracas, Venezuela 

Calle Madrid, between Mucuchíes and Monterrey, Las Mercedes, Caracas, 1050
Telephone: 0212/991-9056

In this Restaurant Review, you’ll learn more about Antigua, one of the popular high end restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela.

Located on Calle Madrid, Las Mercedes, in Caracas Venezuela, Antigua considers itself a “gastronomic boutique” featuring delicious Mediterranean-influenced Italian dishes including the risottos, pizzas and pastas.
Antigua also has a full compliment of desserts for you to enjoy after a filling meal, as well as a great wine selection with top quality wines from all over the world.

Quality Service at Antigua Restaurant

Antigua restaurant prides itself on serving the best foods with the best service possible. The staff at Antigua restaurant are friendly and knowledgable and can recommend entrees, wines and desserts to suit your palette and preferences.

Meal Price Ranges at Antigua Restaurant

Dining at Antigua restaurant will range from $30 to $90 per person, depending on the meal and wines or other drinks you enjoy most, but you can expect an enjoyable and memorable dining experience when you visit Antigua Restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela.

What’s Your Favorite Restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela?

Have you eaten at Antigua Restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela or another restaurant in or around Caracas? Please share your restaurant experiences with other travelers in the comments box below!

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