Puerto la Cruz – At a Glance

An Overview of the City

Situated in the northeast of Venezuela, Puerto la Cruz is one of the most vibrant cities in eastern Venezuela. It has a highly developed infrastructure that connects the city to Barcelona, Guanta and Lecheria. The city has a number of tourist attractions that act as a magnet for herds of tourists who visit it each year. In addition to being a dazzling tourist destination, Puerto la Cruz is also a home to oil refineries and is the busiest commercial centre of the country.

How to Get There

By Air

This is the safest mode of transportation to get there. Though flights to Puerto la Cruz are expensive, booking in off-season could be cheaper. From the airport, make sure you hire a licensed cab to get to the city as there are a handful of cab drivers that are operated by thugs.

By Bus

Avid travelers could also opt for a bus trip. While this is not as safe as an air travel, you can explore a lot of other beautiful places in the course of this trip. Many bus services could take you to Puerto la Cruz; however, Rodovias is a trusted option. The most important thing to consider when taking a bus is the security at the bus terminal. Since the terminal is not located in a safe part of the city, take safety measures yourself.

Transportation within the City

The fastest and the safest option to explore the city is to take a taxi. There are two types of taxis that operate in Puerto la Cruz: legal and illegal. Go for a legal taxi as it is not only secure, it also prevents you from any loss by robbers.

Things to Do in Puerto la Cruz

Puerto la Cruz is a fun place to visit. It has all the elements of a modern city life and is preferred by many tourists wishing to spend an enjoyable respite. The tranquil beaches here are tourists’ favorite picnic spots and as the sun starts to rest in the horizon, the party at the beaches start.

On top of being enticing picnic spots, the beaches are also used to teach Spanish to tourists. If you too want to learn Spanish, head to Playa Colorada, the best Spanish school to master this language.

In addition to strolling alongside the attractive shores and watching water-taxis, one can also wander around the beautiful places.  Andres Eloy Blanco Park and Paseo Colon are two magnificent sight-seeing places in Puerto la Cruz.


As the night becomes darker more and more people get out on the streets of Paseo Colon. The local items for sale in this street are not only cheap, they are also handmade. Another thing you need to be wary of when shopping in this market is prices. Many shopkeepers inflate prices when they see a tourist. So learn about the prices of things from a local beforehand to bargain before buying something.

Culinary Experience

Eateries in Puerto la Cruz offer scrumptious food. Not only is this food flavorful, it contains less spices as well.

Do not forget to try the following delectable dishes on your trip:

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