More Restaurants in Merida, Venezuela

Merida is a highly captivating city and those who visit it stay there for long enough to visit more than three restaurants. In the article titled ‘Restaurants in Merida, we identified the top three restaurants to be visited by those touring Merida. The top three restaurants that we picked were Pastelitos La Parroquia, La Capellania and Pizzeria Da Enzo.

If you are planning to stay in Merida for longer than a couple of days, you must certainly visit more than three restaurants in Merida given the excellent gastronomical talents the chefs of the city have. Three more commended restaurants have been discussed below.

Paramo Grill

If you are looking for quality steaks in Merida, Paramo Grill is the place to be. After visiting Paramo Grill, it will be hard to find another grill that serves steaks even half the time tasty than the steaks served at Paramo Grill. With starters such as pita chips, beans, cream and cheese riquisimo, you won’t be able to wait for the main course. The steaks are juicier, softer and more delicious than you would expect them to be. The price range is moderate. The ambiance is comfortable and cozy.

The exact location of Paramo Grill is Prolongacion iVaducto calle 26, Merida 5101, Venezuela. To view the location on Google Maps, click here.

Heladeria Coromoto

Heladeria Coromoto is one of a kind when it comes to ice cream parlors. It holds the Guinness World Record for being the ice cream parlor that offers the most number of ice cream flavors than any other parlor in the world. Some of these flavors include garlic, vegetables, burger, chocolate, beans, jojoto, cheese, pasta and Miss Venezuela. You name it and Haladeria Coromoto has it. Also, the price is very reasonable.

Whenever you happen to visit Heladeria Coromoto, simply skip the flavors you always have like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Instead, try the exotic ones from the menu that contains 860 different flavors such as eggs, sardines-in-brandy, macaroni cheese, papaya, guava, garlic, onion, gherkin, chili, tomato, cream of crab and eggs. Each day 60 flavors are offered to guests.

The address of Heladeria Coromoto is 3 Independencia, Merida, Venezuela. To view the exact location on Google Maps, click here.

Lola Bar

The thing that guests love Lola Bar for is its ambiance. The restaurant welcomes anyone who is looking for a place with a friendly atmosphere to hang at. To begin with, the food is great. The menu is has a wide range of dishes including seafood. The flavors have been reported by guests to be simply unique and delightful and a treat for the taste buds. Secondly, the cheery music playing in the background also does its job well. Also, Lola Bar serves a wide range of cocktails that are a must try.

In short, Lola Bar is a great hang out place for friends looking forward for some fun and relaxation. The prices are very reasonable and won’t make you feel guilty after you’ve been there.

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