3 Top Places to Visit in Caracas, Venezuela

It is no surprise that the biggest city of Venezuela attracts thousands of tourists each year. There are over a dozen places that tourists visit when in the city. However, if you are in the city and in a rush, you will be able to visit only a few places in the city. If such is the case, there are three places in Caracas that you must prefer above others – Cuidad Universitaria de Caracas, National Pantheon and Teleferio. Following are succinct introductions to these places that will tell you why they are special and must be visited.

Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas

Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas is Spanish for University City of Caracas. The landmark was designed by the famous architect, Carlos Raul Villanueva more than half a century ago. The building is considered one of the masterpieces of urban planning and architecture all around the globe. In 2000, UNESCO included it in its list of World Heritage Sites.

Venezuelans remember the building as Carlos Raul Villanueva’s masterpiece. Its construction started in 1942 and went on for around 20 years. The construction period was almost two decades long because of the time taken by all the artists who Villanueva collaborated with, to plan and build the entire scheme.

National Pantheon

Patheon is Greek for ‘Temple for Gods’. It is located in the northern area of Caracas. The Pantheon was initially built as a church but later was converted into a famous burial place. The site is divided into different zones. For example, the altar is dedicated to the sarcophagus of Simon Bolivar and the central nave has been dedicated to him too.

Within the building reside the statues of Antonio Jose de Sucre and Francisco de Miranda at either sides of the main recess. Monuments are aligned along the walls of Jose Maria Vargas, Rafael Urdaneta, Jose Antonio Paez, Andres Bello, Jose Gregorio Monagas and a few other noteworthy individuals of Venezuela.

Also, along with the remains of the important Venezuelan people are tablets that contain important information. Furthermore, paintings from the 1930s adorn the vault of the pantheon. Some of these paintings depict the life of Bolivar. In 1883, the chandelier was added to the pantheon.


If you become tired of the hustle and bustle of a busy city like Caracas and long to spend a few hours in peaceful environment, Teleferico is the remedy for you. Teleferico is also called cable car Caracas Warairarepano. It was inaugurated by General Marcos Perez Jimenez in April 1956. Since then the Teleferico has seen a few pauses in its services because of deterioration. However, currently it is well maintained and provides a very good view of the mountainous region of Venezuela. A number of tourists ride in the Teleferico which engages them for hours. Riders usually enjoy local desserts and other snacks while idly chatting in the cabins. When you go to Venezuela, you must go on the Teleferico.

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