Best Tourist Attractions in Venezuela

Venezuela is home to some of the best tourist attractions in South America, combining their unique culture and breathtaking landscapes, you can experience everything in Venezuela from the highest waterfall in the world to the 3rd longest river on the continent. Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Venezuela that you and your family will want to see and experience while on vacation.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls is probably the most famous tourist attraction in Venezuela – especially among nature lovers out there. Also known as the ‘largest waterfall in the world’, Angel Falls has an amazing free falling drop of around 979 meters (3,211 feet). To give you some perspective on just how tall Angel Falls is, it’s about fifteen times taller than the Niagara Falls waterfall!

The Angel Falls tourist attraction is located in the Canaima National Park, a remote area in Bolivar State about 1,862 miles (2,996 kilometers) from Caracas. Angel falls was given its name when James Angel with his guests tried to land a jet plane near it. The plane was damaged and its wheels sank into the mushy ground. Jimmy Angel and his party fortunately managed to descend Tepuy and get back to civilization by walking in the jungle for about 11 days. While traveling through the area, tourists will also find an variety of tropical fauna and flora within the area including poison arrow frogs, monkeys and rare orchid species. Tourists can also expect to find pumas, jaguars, porcupines, armadillos, giant anteaters, otters, three toed sloths, capybaras and tapirs.

La Isla Margarita

Another popular tourist attraction in Venezuela is La Isla Margarita, situated just north of the Venezuelan coastline. La Isla Margarita is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Its crisp azure waters remind people of the exotic Bahamas and its breathtaking panoramic view of the coastline will definitely keep you coming back for more. Also known as the ‘Pearl of the Carribean’, La Isla Margarita Island is richly exotic and has many inviting beaches where tourists can relax, get a tan, or enjoy the scenery while on vacation.

There are over 300,000 people on Margarita Island, most of who live on the eastern side where the capital metro of Asuncion is located as well as the shoppers’ paradise of Polamar. There are plenty of white sandy beaches around the island where you can relax after a delicious Venezuelan lunch and get that luxurious tan you have always wanted. Windsurfing is a popular activity and as well as snorkeling, bonefishing, and diving.

Pico Bolivar

Also known as the Mirror Peak, Pico Bolivar is one of the most serene places in the world where you can find a peaceful setting surrounded by nature’s beauty. Rising 4,765 meters (15,633 feet) above sea level, Pico Bolivar is located in the high Andes of Merida, at the northeastern part of the Greater Andes.

Parque Nacional Mochima, El Morro

Located in the States of Sucre and Anzoategui, Venezuela’s Parque Nacional Mochima (Mochima National Park) tourist attraction covers a total of 94,900 hectares of coastal and marine habitat. The national park is composed of a marine area in the west side and a coastal marine area in the Mochima Bay.

Venezuela’s Parque Nacional Mochima, El Morro’s mainland park tourist attraction is primarily made up of mangroves, mountainous coastlines and beautiful sandy coves. Densely scattered along its coastlines are shrubs, trees and grasses that predominate its dry terrain. As the area rises to the coastal mountains, travelers will find thick green vegetation, and a wide variety of flora, especially orchids and ferns. This popular tourist spot also features about 28 reptile species and 78 mammal species.

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