Venezuela Visa Information

Looking forward to a wonderful vacation in Venezuela and worried about getting a visa? Do not worry, as we will guide you every step of the way to acquire the visa.

Tourism is not the only reason thousands of people go to this country each year. Some go for study purposes, others to start their own business and there are some executives that go to attend a business meeting in this beautiful country.

Whatever may be the reason of your trip, make sure you enjoy the sight seeing tours there. Select from the following the type of visa category you fall into and complete their requirements to get the permission to enter Venezuela.

What is a Venezuela Visa

It is a stamp on your passport that entitles your entry in the country for a certain time. To acquire a Venezuela visa you should consult the consulate or embassy of Venezuela in your country. Not every individual willing to go to Venezuela needs this visa including U.S citizens and some other countries that we will discuss later. All they need is a passport with no less than 6 months of validity remaining.

Tourist Entry Card-DEX-2

It is a kind of tourism visa required by the residents of countries that are exempted from the Venezuela visa list. It is free of cost and is valid for up to 90 days. It is stamped on your passport once you present your air tickets to immigration officials at the airport.

Other than the citizens of the U.S, UK, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Denmark, South Africa, Saint Lucia and Australia, the residents of the following countries also do not need a visa for a stay of no more than 90 days:

•             Andorra

•             Antigua and Barbuda

•             Argentina

•             Austria

•             Barbados

•             Belarus

•             Belgium

•             Belize

•             Bulgaria

•             Costa Rica

•             Croatia

•             Cyprus

•             Czech Republic

•             Dominica

•             Finland

•             France

•             Germany

•             Greece

•             Grenada

•             Guatemala

•             Hong Kong

•             Hungary

•             Iceland

•             Ireland

•             Italy

•             Jamaica

•             Japan

•             Latvia

•             Liechtenstein

•             Lithuania

•             Luxemburg

•             Malaysia

•             Malta

•             Mexico

•             Monaco

•             Netherlands

•             Netherlands Antilles

•             New Zealand

•             Norway

•             Panama

•             Paraguay

•             Poland

•             Portugal

•             Romania

•             Russia

•             Saint Kitts and Nevis

•             Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

•             San Marino

•             Slovakia

•             Slovenia

•             South Korea

•             Spain

•             Sweden

•             Switzerland

•             Trinidad and Tobago

•             Turkey

•             Uruguay

Who needs a Venezuela visa?

All visitors coming from countries other than the stated for any purpose needs a visa to enter Venezuela. The following are different types of visas and their costs:

Tourist Visa: $35 for up to 90 days (multiple-entry)

Business Visa: $70 for up to 180 days (multiple-entry)

Student Visa: $70 for up to 12 months (multiple-entry)

*These charges are subject to change so consult with your agency to find the right cost.

How Long Does It Take To Obtain A Venezuela Visa?

Typically, the process might take from 2 to 15 days depending up on the consulate/embassy you are dealing with. However, if you want to get a quick response, you can apply for an urgent visa.

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