Margarita Island – Unveiling the Exotic Caribbean Paradise

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.
~Miriam Beard

There are only a few places on earth with beauty so exceptional and overwhelming that it leaves one speechless. Margarita Island in Venezuela is one such place. Popular as the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’, this island boasts of a splendor and otherworldly charm that makes it nothing short of a spectacle to behold.

With endless virgin beaches scattered about the landscape, the island casts a spell that beckons tourists to coming here again and again. The island has crystalline azure waters that are resplendent in all its majesty and make vacationers feel as if they have by chance stumbled upon a piece of heaven. The island is divided into two parts separating the remarkable Restinga Lagoon National Park from the sea.

Other aspects that have earned the island its invincible popularity is the tourist development that takes a holiday-maker’s experience to new heights. Unlike most tourist destinations, the whimsical strokes of Mother Nature’s artistry one observes here promises tourists a trip with countless unforgettable memories.

For those traveling to the area for the first time, the following guide is aimed at allowing travelers to make the most out of their trip to Venezuela.

How to Get There

The island is only a short distance away from the Del Caribe-Santiego Marino Caribbean International Airport. There are several flights to and from Canada, Europe, South America and Caribbean. However, if you wish to give your trip a dash of uniqueness, using a ferry as you move ahead slicing the cerulean water is a good idea as it can transform your idea of a vacation into an outright extravaganza.

How to Get Around

The preferred means of transport in the area is taxi. Taxis can be hired for a day and most of them have fixed rates. They are an inexpensive alternative. However, it is strongly recommended that only the official ones with yellow plates issued by the government should be chartered. There are buses and mini-buses as well but they usually operate during daytime only.

What to Do and See

Margarita Island is not called Pearl of the Caribbean without any reason. Home to endless pristine beaches and the biggest assortment of flora and fauna makes Margarita Island the world’s best kept secret. Some activities and worth-seeing sights are listed below.

What to Eat and Drink

The island boasts of some of the most-visited eateries in town. While the meals here are truly mouth-watering, it is the wide array of beverages served here that simply takes the cake. Some local drinks that are quite popular with tourists are listed below.

Where to Sleep

Since the area warmly welcome travelers, it has a myriad of posadas and hotels with amenities that personify luxury. A handful of reputed hotels are as follows.

Start planning your trip to Margarita Island today and embark on an exceptional escapade.

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