3 More Places to Visit in Caracas

If you are planning to stay in Caracas for up to a week, there is no reason not to visit the different venues in the city that thousands of tourists visit each year. We earlier recommended three locations for tourists who were short of time. The three places were Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, National Pantheon and Teleferico. If you plan to stay longer, there are three more places in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, which you must visit.

Paseo de Los Proceres

The independence of Venezuela is regarded as a very important point in history. And the heroes of who have sacrificed their lives for the country are venerated so much that one of the colors on the Venezuelan flag is red. It represents the blood shed by these heroes during the war of independence in the 19th century.

Paseo de Los Proceres was constructed in 1956, in the honor of these heroes. The monument is a part of the Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas and contains a number of walkways, stairs and fountains and more importantly, heroes’ monoliths, parade courtyard and ornaments. The place offers an educational as well as leisurely experience. Along with tablets etched with the details of the historical figures, there are various things that appeal to the lighter side of people such as the well maintained green patches, the macaws that fly to the place every evening and simply the serene environment amidst the hustle and bustle of the capital city.

Centro de Arte La Estancia

Every year thousands of tourists gather in Centro de Arte LaEstancia, the Spanish for La Estancia Art Center. It is Venezuela’s national museum of colonial art and has existed since the colonial era in Venezuela. The purpose of the place is to preserve Venezuela’s historical heritage. It also serves as a platform for the support of Venezuelan causes. It also is home to art exhibitions of national and international acclaim. The themes of these exhibitions revolve around 3D art, photography and abstract designing. Furthermore, other events too held at Centro de Arte La Estancia such as conferences, competitions, seminars, concerts and plays.

Earlier the same place was used as a coffee plantation. To date, the place retains its greenery. It has around 120 plant families. Admission into the garden is free of cost.

Jardin Botanico

Jardin Botanico is Spanish for Botanical Garden. The garden is apart of the Central University of Venezuela. Jardin Botanico was founded in 1945 and today has more than 2,500 different species of plant families. It is visited by all sorts of people including Venezuelans, tourists, students, friends and families. Photographers have a wonderful time here with thousands of types of flora to shoot. All in all Jardin Botanico is a peaceful retreat within the bustling city of Caracas.

When visiting the garden in off timings such as afternoons, make sure you are in a large group. Being alone may make you vulnerable to delinquency.

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