Transportation in Caracas, Venezuela

When planning to travel to a new city, you have to plan a number of things. One of the most important things to plan on a trip is transportation. From your home to the city and back – how will it all be carried out?

If you are planning to make Caracas the base of your visit to Venezuela, you are lucky because the city has many different modes of transportation. They have been mentioned below.

Travelling to Caracas

Caracas does not have an airport of its own. The one that is has access to is Simon Bolivar Airport located in Maiqeutia, a city 25 kilometers away from Caracas. The airport has three terminals and some of the airlines that serve it include Lufthansa, Iberia, Copa Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Delta, Continental, Air Canada, Air France, Alitalia, Avianca and American Airlines. Some of the locations from which you can get nonstop flights include Lisbon, Frankfurt, Roma, Paris, Buenos Aires, Damascus, Madrid, Houston, Dallas, New York, Toronto and Miami.

The fare from the airport to central Caracas is around BsF for tourists. The safest option to get to Caracas is to select the black Ford Explorer cabs registered by the airport. When leaving the city, you’ll have to pay BsF 163 as ‘exit free’ in cash.

There are buses too that offer transportation from the airport to Caracas. The bus fare per person is approximately BsF 30.

Travelling within Caracas

Once you have gotten to your hotel or Posada, you’ll have different options to get around to the places you want to go to. Some of them have been mentioned below.


The best way of getting to places is by metro. Metro stations are strategically located in different parts of the city. If your hotel and/or the places you wish to go to are close to metro stations, you must choose this mode of transportation. They are clean, safe and cost effective too. A single trip costs around BsF 0.5. The fare however gets increased from time to time depending on inflation in Venezuela.


Taxis are to be found everywhere on the streets of Caracas. There are two types of taxis. One that are registered with the government and have yellow plates and the other that white number plates and are private taxis. It is safer to choose the registered taxis. Bargaining is a trend and you must do that after a taxi driver quotes you a price. You can even ask two or three drivers for their rates to get an idea of the rate you must demand.

Mini Buses

You find minibuses all over the city. They are in bad condition and cost more than metro does. Currently it is somewhere around BsF 1.2. However, you may have to get on it if you are in need of a low cost option there is no metro station around.

The traffic in Caracas is very busy and people often get stuck in it. Hence, it is advisable that you leave approximately an hour earlier from the time you are supposed to get a certain spot on.

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