The Best Restaurants in Venezuela

This Travel Food Guide has been created to help save you time finding some of the best restaurants we’ve heard about in Venezuela. As a tourist traveling through Venezuela, you’ll have a variety of restaurants serving many different types of foods, depending on which region you’re visiting. While most of the major cities like Caracas have almost every type of food you could want, as you travel closer to the Caribbean coast, you’ll find more restaurants serving fish, and other seafood dishes.

As you travel through the the highlands of Venezuela, you’ll find many restaurants offering foods containing yucca, corn and rice.

The best meal to go to a restaurant for in Venezuela is probably lunch, since lunch is the largest meal in Venezuela and restaurants tend to offer great specials to attract locals and tourists alike.

Eating out in Venezuela can cost you anywhere from $5 to $15 for a hearty, tasty, and filling meal, although some high end restaurants can charge $25+ for a meal.

Below is a collection of some of the best seafood, Asian, and Italian restaurants and steakhouses in Caracas and throughout Venezuela.

Best Traditional & Seafood Restaurants in Venezuela

Tarzilandia is a great seafood restaurant in Caracas. Founded in 1950, Tarzilandia has a unique jungle theme with live parrots and tree frogs and turtles. This mostly open-air Latin American restaurant offers delicious and juicy grilled steaks and large selection of seafood for you to enjoy. The Tarzilandia restaurant is popular with tourists and caters to the kids in your family with special menus and fun activities for entertaining younger travelers. Tarzilandia accepts credit cards and has an online reservation system. Prices start from about $15 a meal.

Alto Restaurant in Caracas is another wonderful place to eat at. It offers ethnic dishes of Venezuela as well as a variety of international foods. The menu centers around a creative menu based on Mediterranean ingredients (most ingredients are locally grown) and the dishes are both balanced and elegant. Fondant Manchego cheese with snails and black pudding and Pargo wrapped in nori seaweed in auyama broth are Alto’s latest culinary delights. The restaurant has a gentle brown theme and stylish furniture with a terrace in the shades of old trees, an aromatic garden and a waterfall. The prices you can expect in this sophisticated restaurant are somewhere between $25 and $100.

El Barquero is always busy with faithful clientele. It has been serving up excellent Spanish and Galician fish and seafood dishes for many years. You will also get delicious picaderas (a type of crispy potato snack) with your food if you’d like. There’s a good list of whiskey and wine to choose from as well. This restaurant is divided into two sections, one is a quiet and cozy area and the other has a loud music background and sometimes live music so the guests can choose the environment they want to eat in. Prices start from $25. La Casa del Llano is a nice Venezuelan restaurant with great ethnic dishes and snacks. The arepas and cachapas are said to be delicious. La Casa del Llano is generally not too pricey. This restaurant is open 24 hours so it’s the best place to chill at when it’s not the best time to eat out especially after clubbing at late hours of the night. Price range about $15-$35 per person.

Best Asian Restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela

Avila Tei is a cozy Japanese restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela that offers delicious and high quality sushi, large sashimi and a variety of rolls. You can also find many types of fish including ankimo, aji, kampachi, and akagai that may not available in other Asian restaurants in Venezuela. Prices range from $20 to $25.

Shoga is an amazing Asian restaurant in Venezuela that offers Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese foods, so it’s a great choice for tourists, who would like to sample a variety of great Asian cuisine. Shoga is located on the top floor of Tolon mall, with a beautiful view and a quiet environment perfect for a romantic date. In this restaurant you can have a nice dish of sushi and among the best hot and sour soup you can ask for. The price range for Shoga ranges from $25 to $100.

Sushi Market is another Japanese restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela that offers fresh sushi and other Japanese meals for very reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and fast, and the environment is relaxing and quiet. The average price range at Sushi Market starts from $5 to $10, but more expensive choices are available.

Best Italian Restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela

Antigua restaurant is an antique-themed restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela that offers amazing Italian foods such as pasta and pizza as well as other international foods and marvelous desserts. Antigua has an exclusive wine menu and eclectic mix of music that can provide great ambiance for a fun and romantic dinner date. Antigua has also been recommended for brunch. The brunch menu starts with mimosas, croissants and includes a variety of soups and arepas and finishes off with the spectacular café con leche. Prices range between $15 and $20 per person.

Il Grillo Express is another Italian restaurant in Caracas that also offers Venezuelan foods. Il Grillo Express is located in Altamira neighborhood and is the perfect place for families with children. It has a nice environment for outdoor seating and also offers takeout food service. Prices typically ranged from $5 – $10 per person. La Montanara is a lively and vibrant restaurant with rich Italian foods and exclusive pastas. The staff is nice, hospitable and caring.

La Montanara is a very popular restaurant so at crowded hours, it’s wise to reserve a table in advance. Price range about $50 per person.

Best Steakhouses

El Alazan is one of the top steakhouse restaurants we’ve heard about in Caracas, Venezuela. In this steakhouse, you will get excellent cuts of meat – Punta Trasera – for reasonable prices, accompanied by the best wine of your choice. Meals cost approximately $35 per person.

El Maute Grill is located in an old city house that is reminiscent of the countryside. You will find a wide range of options to quench your appetite for a great steak, including rump, loin, loin of pork, and even sausages, baked or fried yucca as well as delicious cakes, cheeses, creams and different types of salads and desserts. El Maute Grill offers live music performance everyday from 4 p.m. to serenade its guests while they enjoy the food. Prices range from $25 to $100 per person.

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